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Having decades of experience in exporting used clothing worldwide, we have a deep understanding of market demands. Our extensive knowledge of diverse fashion trends in China enables us to cater to your customers’ preferences and support the growth of your second-hand clothing and used shoes business.

Items of Zagumi China Used Clothing And Shoes

Zagumi, the go-to used clothing supplier, has you covered for all your apparel needs, spanning across genders and seasons. We meticulously sort through tons of clothing for men, women, and children, ensuring a solution for every season.

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Unrivaled Provider of Second-Hand Clothing from China

  Zagumi, a leading second-hand clothing exporter in China, has been serving the industry since 2012. We have expanded our reach to over 60 countries, thanks to our state-of-the-art sorting and grading facilities covering a total floor area of 20,000 square meters, where we meticulously assess used clothing for both style and quality.

  With decades of dedicated effort, Zagumi has emerged as the foremost second-hand clothing manufacturing hub in China. We assist businesses, traders, and factories in sourcing high-quality, popular second-hand products for import.

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The process of used clothes

Thanks to Zagumi second hand clothes factory‘s standardized workflow, we guarantee a used clothing sourcing process with fast production times and adequate supply.

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Thanks to our extensive supply chain, zagumi used clothing factory can recycle approximately 6,000 tons of used clothing per month, which allows us to have sufficient supply to meet your demands.



Our team manually and regularly checks and sorts each item of used clothing. We can categorize used clothing into 120 separate categories to meet specific item listing needs.



As our factories have passed BV and SGS standards, we conduct 5 levels of inspection from start to finish, assuring good quality so that clothing is clean and within your request.



Regularly calibrated scales ensure that your orders are packed with a required weight ranging from 40 to 400 kg per bale.we assure that every bale of second hand clothes is in right weight.



Regular calibration of our scales ensures that the product’s packing weight is always accurate. Additionally, we follow your country’s required bale weight and customize the weight ranging from 40kg to 100 kg.



We can fulfill your requests for any volume of orders by utilizing nearly 100% of the loading capacity of our containers and organizing our products neatly to guarantee safe, efficient delivery.

Pack with Required Amount & Bale Weight

40ft container of used clothes

Container 40 HQ

45KG×635 bales

85KG×288 bales

90KG×286 bales

20ft container of used clothes

Container 20 HQ

45KG×300 bales

85KG×140 bales

90KG×135 bales

Bale Weight of Used Clothing for Countries

West Africa & Middle East:

80 kg – 100 kg/bale.

East Africa:

40kg – 50kg/bale.

America & Southeast Asia:

45-400 kg/bale.

Supporting Numerous Successful Brands Since 2012 And You're the Next One

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Buying Guide:

1.Minimum Order Quantity: Zagumi only accept container order like 20ft & 40ft container. But if you have shipping agent in china we can do like 5-10 bales. 


2.Payment Methods: Pre-paid 40% deposit, and the full of balance should be paid after loading container before delivery. Payment terms can be negotiated, but We do not accept cash on delivery, payment after receipt of the original bill of lading, and we strictly refrain from engaging in agency cooperation models.


3.Trade Terms: We can do EXW/FOB/CIF/CFR/CNF price.


4.Shipping Time: On average, it takes 7-15 days to complete a container. The total transit time typically ranges from 15 to 45 days, depending on the destination of the customer.

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