Zagumi Wholesale Second Hand Shoes Supplier

Through decades of used shoes exporting across the world, we are familiar with the market needs of second hand shoes. With diverse fashion all across China, we can cover your customers’ appetite, and help you build your used shoes business domain.

Wholesales Second Hand Shoes Supplier

We are the largest used shoes company in China and we offer A/B Grade second hand shoes, branded used shoes, used rubber slipper and used winter boots.

Why Choose Our Used Shoes.

used brand shoes back

Premium Quality

All used shoes are sorted from top locations to ensure they are of excellent quality. Even B-grade goods are hot on the second-hand market.

Stable Supply

We have an established supply chain and extensive inventory of products, offering 100 containers of second hand shoes per month.

Competitive Prices

We have a self-built recycling channel in China that can recover 7,000 tons per month, making it the best price in the market.

Wide Product Coverage

Diverse categories of used shoes befitting various markets. we also offer A/B grade and some particular items for full container.


Our used products have passed global certification standards, including BV, fumigation certificate and SGS. we have ISO9001,ISO14001 management system certificates.


We offer a wide range of shoes styles, with a focus on catering to different markets.

Our Categories Of Second Hand Shoes.

We have mixed used shoes, branded used sneaker, used soccer, used basketball shoes and used winter boots. We have two grade for second hand shoes like Grade A and Grade B.

Wholesale Second Hand Mixed Shoes

Mixed Used Shoes

Used Kids Shoes

Wholesale Branded Used Shoes

Other Used Shoes 

Used Rubber Slippers

Used Football Shoes

Used Winter Boots

Used Leather Shoes

Used Canvas & Vans

Used Basketball Shoes

Pack with Required Amount & Bale Weight

40ft container of used clothes

Container 40 HQ

Mixed Used Shoes

25KG×1000 Sacks

Used Branded Shoes

Around 21000 pairs 

20ft container of used clothes

Container 20 HQ

Mixed Used Shoes

25KG×450 Sacks

Used Branded Shoes

Around 10000 pairs 

Sack Weight of Used Shoes

Mixed Used Shoes

25 kg/sack.

Used Branded Shoes

28 kg – 30 kg/sack.

Used Slippers

20 kg/sack.

Zagumi Group

        The Zagumi group is one of the leading second-hand shoes companies. we specialize in the export of used clothes, shoes and bags to countries in Africa, Southeast Asia, America and the Middle East.

          The Zagumi Group factory covers an area of nearly 20,000 square meters, with 45 assembly lines and 400 employees. We have a standard sorting method that helps us attract many regular buyers from over 60 countries around the world.


professional workers

6000 tons

of material / month


production lines



The process of our orders.

Thanks to Zagumi group’s standardized workflow, we guarantee a used shoes sourcing process with fast production times and adequate supply.

used shoes recycling


Thanks to our extensive supply chain, we can recycle approximately 3,000 tons of used shoes per month, which allows us to have sufficient supply to meet your demands.

used shoes sorting


Our team manually and regularly checks and sorts each pair of used shoes. We can categorize second hand shoes into separate categories to meet specific item listing needs.

used shoes inspection


As our factories have passed BV and SGS standards, we conduct 5 levels of inspection from start to finish, assuring good quality so that clothing is clean and within your request.

used shoes weighing


Regularly calibrated scales ensure that your orders are packed with a required weight ranging from 20 to 25 kg per sack.we assure that every sack of second hand shoes is in right weight.

used shoes baling


Regular calibration of our scales ensures that the product’s packing weight is always accurate. Additionally, we follow your country’s required bale weight and customize the weight ranging from 20kg to 25 kg.

used shoes loading


We can fulfill your requests for any volume of orders by utilizing nearly 100% of the loading capacity of our containers and organizing our products neatly to guarantee safe, efficient delivery.

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