Considerate Services

Considerate Services

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Professional second-hand clothing experts guide you through our used clothing purchasing process to make your transaction smoother. Additionally, we provide feasible solutions to your market requirements that also helps give your selection of clothing a unique edge to strengthen your brand appeal.


Connect well with your target audience with our customization of your store’s used clothing, adjusting their weight and arrangement to make your selections more appealing. Through our custom logo and packaging solutions, you can get ahead of other stores by cementing your unique identity in the region.

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To provide you with peace of mind, Zagumi regularly updates you on the quality inspection status of your used product orders. After shipping your order, we provide regular logistics tracking with our connection to logistics agencies to ensure smooth delivery.

Customs Clearance Assistance

Our cooperative partnership with leading logistics and shipping agencies helped us maintain timely schedules and improved our shipping knowledge. Knowing the customs clearance ports of each destination can help us assist you in completing customs clearance to guarantee the safe delivery of goods to your destination.


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