A Joint Force of Talented Founders

Zagumi is composed of four outstanding founders, each of them with their own unmatched advantages, turning a start-up brand into the top three second-hand clothing provider in China.

Four pillars of our founders
Supply Chain
Market Expansion

The people who creates the clothes don’t care how the clothes end up.

But we do.

founder- Wang Fei

Wang Fei

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My family makes clothes

My family makes fashion clothes so we are familiar with the manufacturing, sale and foreign trade of fashion clothing. We are shocked that the production and the demise of fast fashion are extremely short-lived.

New generations dump clothes badly

With the rise of new trends, the abandonment rate of clothing is increasing year by year. The demand for clothing in underdeveloped areas should not be underestimated. We've worked hard to find ways to fill this demand imbalance.

We ensure you get what you paid for with a huge supply chain backing you up.

Esther Yang

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As our order volume rises, we have to find ways to ensure an adequate supply network for raw materials and a high-quality supply chain network. We control the final quality of the goods received by our customers at the source. Fast, good quality and stable supply of second-hand products is our strength.

Recycling bins
Schools Project
Bins in high-end community

Where there are people looking for used clothing, there are Zagumi’s overseas offices around them.

founder- Zhang Liang

Zhang Liang

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They have few opportunities

Our customers have long-term and stable second-hand clothing suppliers. Because of the underdevelopment of information and resources, coupled with the high value of second-hand products. It is expensive for people to switch suppliers.

We reach out to them

We go deep into the African market, establishing local offices and overseas warehouses. Through our publicity and word of mouth from regular customers, we have established a good reputation in the local market.

Treat your employees like family and they will pay you back.

Lin Chijun

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8% retention of workers

Our staff have 5-6 years of work experience, and many of them have been with us since our early establishment.

They understand the needs of each market

We're not sorting roughly. We get through market feedback, actively follow up market demand, and sort according to size and preference.

founder- Lin Chijun

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