Our Milestones

We want to share our achievements over the years, from humble beginnings to what the future has in store! Let’s take a look at our history.

2012 history


A great brand was born.

Starting in a 3,000 m² facility with 20 people, and focusing on recycling and marketing second-hand apparel, we began with five shareholders that saw the potential of the second-hand market.

2016 history


We explored overseas markets.

From a second-hand factory, we got into exporting used clothes overseas. A risky endeavor that in time paid off with the birth of our overseas team handling marketing.


We moved to a bigger factory.

With the rising profit, we expanded our production capability by having the Guangzhou factory cater to more customers with an area of 10,000 m² with 200 workers.

2017 history


We set up the first overseas offices.

Establishing our offices in Lagos, Nigeria, and Alba to better understand the market in the continent, we started our overseas operations.

2018 history
2019 history


We set up the overseas offices, again.

Cementing our presence in the African market and the increased demand, we expanded in the country and employed 400 workers in 30 production lines to answer the demand.

2020 history


We established one more factory.

With the booming second-hand clothing industry, Zagumi established the second factory in Jiangsu and provided work to 50 workers catering to customers in Africa and Southeast Asia.


We expanded overseas markets.

We established an overseas office in the heart of Southeast Asia in the Philippines and also a sorting facility for fast and efficient sorting as the market continues to increase.

2021 history


We continue to flourish

Continuing improvement in the industry to be the leading name in second-hand apparel and potential expansion providing high-quality products. We look forward to finding more partners in the future.

2022 history


Establishment of the Group

After decades of development, we are no longer satisfied with just exporting to the African market. In order to better build a large supply chain and sales team, Zagumi and Hissen merged and formed the Hissen Group.

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