Supply Chain System

Supply Chain System


Collecting Points






First-tier Cities

guangzhou and chengdu used clothing factory location

Best Used Products from the Best Cities

Zagumi’s superior supply chain consists of 70,000 collection points within renowned Chinese cities, along with a strong supplier network. This supply management ensures a stable supply of at least 1500 tons of premium used clothing inventory during peak periods.

70,000 Collecting Points Scattered in China

We have cultivated a diverse supply chain network that has establishments within ten key cities collecting high-grade second-hand clothing. These establishments allow us to complete volume orders with a short lead time.

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Take Advantage of Sound Supply Chain

Advantageous Geography

Collection points are set across various cities in China to ensure a steady supply of branded and premium used clothing from the residences.

Diversified Fashion

With the numerous collection sites of our supply chain, we offer 120 categories of used clothing for men, women, and children that come in different sizes and styles.

Huge Supply Chain

Up to 70,000 collection points are able to draw a large supply of raw materials to ensure our capabilities of supplying you with large volumes of used clothing at any time.

Stable Supply

Zagumi ensures all bulk purchases are completed during peak periods and guarantees competitive prices on our used clothing because of our stable supply.

Strict Screening System

Trained inspectors conduct five checks on all raw materials and sort used clothing to ensure your orders are in good condition when it reaches you.

Premium Quality

The used clothing we receive consists of premium garments and items since we collect our materials from 10 reputable cities in China.

Let's Eliminate 1500 Tons of Inventory Together

We always have 1500 tons of inventory to meet the huge supply, demand, ensure the continuous supply for customers, while supporting us to complete the processing and loading within 7 days.

Competitive Prices

We can offer favorable prices because of our huge transaction volume.

Used Products Alliance

We have established mutual aid alliances with other second-hand clothing suppliers to collect various categories of used clothing.

Sufficient Single Assortment

If you only need a single category of used clothing, such as skirts, jeans, etc., we can also meet your needs.

Punctual Delivery

Owing to sufficient raw materials, we can complete the processing and loading within 7 days.

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