Question for Zagumi MOQ

What is our minimum order quantity?

Because we are a big exporter of used clothing, we only accept container order like 40ft container. If you have a freight forwarder in China we can accept small orders.

If 45kg per bale of used clothes, a 40ft container can load about 625 bales. Total 28500kg.

If 25kg per bale of used shoes, a 40ft container can load about 1000 bales. Total 25000kg.

Can i buy some bales to check the quality first?

Sure,if you have shipping agent in china then we can do 450kg for used clothes and 250kg for used shoes.

Is it possible to buy only single item of used clothes for a 40ft container?

Yes, we can do boxing ratios according to your needs, there are many single products we are able to install a whole container.

Questions for Zagumi's Items

How many items do you have?

We have more than 120 categories of used clothes,used shoes and used bags. And we are constantly updating the item list according to the needs of our customers.

Are your second-hand clothes mixed or sorted?

We can supply unsorted used clothes and used shoes or sorted items, depending on your needs.

Questions for Zagumi's Quality

Are your clothes graded? How are your clothes sorted?

Our clothes are graded into A, B, and C. We classify clothes that have no defects, no holes, no fading, no overuse and tear as A, those that have some defects but do not affect their use as B, and those that have defects and cannot be used as C. We have a complete sorting process and standards, we also divide used clothes into 120 categories. We regularly update the categories according to the needs of our customers.

How do you guarantee the quality of your products?

We are an 8 years old used clothes factory with rich experience.

1, we will inspect the raw materials and estimate the structure of the goods.

2, we have professional quality inspection team, and each sorting line has a professional quality inspector to check the goods.

3, we will carry out random quality checks on the goods before loading.

4, Our quality management is in line with the international ISO9001 certification. We guarantee the quality requirements of our customers.

What are the differences between your goods and those from Europe and America?

Compared to those in Europe and the United States:

1, our raw materials are more adequate, not supplying the domestic market, so there are more grade A products for exporting.

2, lower costs, more competitive prices

3, more diverse styles, richer colors and yardage. Suitable for sale in different countries.

4, the quality is more stable, allowing customers to reduce after-sales costs, to ensure the credibility of customers.

Questions for Zagumi's Packaging And Price

How many kilograms of bales can be packed?

We can customize according to customers’ needs, and also help customers to customize their logos. Our bales can pack from 40kg to 100kg, or different weights according to customers’ needs.

How much is a container?

The price of a container is determined by the packing list.Normally a 40ft container of grade a summer used clothes will cost about USD45000-USD50000.

Is VAT required on the export of second-hand clothing, can it be invoiced?

Used clothes need to pay VAT for domestic sales, and export used clothes are tax free. We can issue VAT invoice and special invoice, 1 point, 3 points can be chosen.

Questions for zagumi's Payment And Production

What is Our Payment Methods.

We can do EXW Guangzhou.or FOB/CIF price
Terms of payment: Pre-paid 40% deposit, and the full of balance should be paid after loading container before delivery.

Do we accept letters of credit for payment?

Normally We don’t accept L/C payment at present, but you don’t have to worry, we are a professional used clothes factory, exporting to Africa with 10 years experience, we welcome you or your friends to come and visit our factory at any time.

Can I pay against the bill of lading?

We do not accept the payment against the bill of lading. Our company and new customer cooperation is generally required to pay the final payment before loading. (But in order to make our relationship work, we can accept 50% deposit before making the goods, and the final payment within 5 days after sending you a copy of the lading bill.)

Questions for Zagumi's Trust

how can I trust you?

We have several years experience of exporting used clothes and used shoes to all over the world.

We can help you to inspect your factory by providing live video contact, or you can get a third party, your relatives or friends to come and inspect our factory.

How to make sure we ship the correct quantity.

First of all, we are a professional factory, exporting used clothes for many years, integrity has always been our principle; secondly, when your order is completed, we will have out of the container data to you to check, to confirm that there is no error before delivery; finally, our company has always hoped to have a long-term relationship with customers, mutual benefit and win-win, this will ruin the relationship between the two sides of the behavior in our factory is impossible to exist.

Can you show me the brands you have worked with in our country?

This is the trade secret of our customers, so I’m afraid it is hard to tell you, you can check our quality by video inspection, or factory live.

Question for Zagumi's Order Process And Certificates.

How about your process of buying used clothes or used shoes?

First, Set up a After-Sale Group. After receiving the deposit, we will set up a Whatsapp group with our customers, which includes our shipping colleagues, our sales manager, our boss, to deal with the after-sales service efficiently.

Second, Customized Logo. We will design the logo you need.

Third, After the customer approves the packing, we will pack the first package for the customer to check the weight and all the items.

Forth, After you confirm the first package, we will start the whole order production, usually it takes 3-5 days to produce the 40 feet container.

Fifth, After the order production is finished, we will send you the following video and pictures to show you the loading situation.

Sixth, Any problems encountered in the later sales process will get our professional reply.

Can you help with customs clearance? And how about the cost?

It depends on the needs of our customers. If we have customs clearance capacity in your market, we will help you to do so, if not, you need to find your own agent to solve it. As for the price, it depends on the regulations of your country.

Do you have export inspection of your used clothes?

We will help customers to do export inspection of used clothing,used shoes,and mixed rags. Such as BV certificate, SGS, COC, as well as fumigation certificate.

Question for Zagumi's Missions And History.

When did we start doing second-hand clothes?

We started second-hand clothing in 2013 because it is an industry with bright prospect. The second-hand clothing industry minimises the waste of textiles, which is a very valuable thing for society, as many people in third world countries cannot afford new clothes and we can help these people by exporting Chinese second-hand clothes to these countries. Conclusion, they are affordable and we are profitable.

What is our mission?

Our mission is that Chinese used clothing benefits people in third world countries around the world, allowing them to wear better quality and affordable Chinese clothing. Also, to make our partners in Africa, Southeast Asia and other places better.

How do we guarantee that our customers will keep placing orders?

Firstly, quality, we control the quality through 3 inspection procedures, from purchasing to sorting and packing, to steadily control the quality of products.
Secondly, service, we use a perfect customer management system, after the customer places an order, we will track the whole process and start our after-sales service process at once, from the establishment of WhatsApp communication group, the customization of the logo, to the loading and shipment, open every details, and then to the customs clearance, we devote to customers have no worries.

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