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Zagumi Vintage: Your Go-To Destination for High-Quality Vintage Clothing and Second Hand Branded Shoes. We offer competitive prices, a vast inventory, and lightning-fast delivery worldwide, with orders arriving within 7-15 days, earning us widespread acclaim.

Leading Vintage Brand Clothing Supplier

Whatever You Desire, We’ll Have It at Your Doorstep in 7-15 Days.


-Zagumi Vintage

We are a China based vintage wholesale company, operating from a factory in Guangzhou&Dongguan China. Our wholesale company offers a wide range of vintage branded and graphic clothing, all carefully selected at very competitive prices. Now, with a dedicated 20,000 SQ FT Factory & team, Zagumi Vintage Wholesale is dedicated to providing customers with a consistent supply of products which will keep your profits high, at affordable prices. We have famous branded and vintage clothing from all over the world!

Our Wholesale Vintage Clothing Collections

Brand Vintage T Shirt

Brand Light Jacket

Vintage Windbreaker

Used Sweatshirt

Brand Used Hoodie

Brand Sport Pant

Brand Sport Shorts

Vintage Skirt Mix

Brand Used Vest

Brand Heavy Jacket

Vintage Dress Mix

Brand Used Sneaker

Vintage Wholesale Products

Vintage Branded Clothing

We support and feature a selection of vintage brand clothing, which encompasses iconic names like Adidas Vintage, Nike Vintage, Reebok Vintage.

Brand Used Shoes

We provide a collection of gently-used, branded used shoes sourced from both international and Chinese markets, featuring renowned names such as Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Lining, and an array of other popular brands.

Our Factory -

20,000 ㎡ Zagumi Vintage Brand Clothing Factory

Zagumi is a leading exporter of vintage clothing and second-hand branded products in China. Our products cover vintage clothing, branded shoes, and we are the first factory in China to export used branded clothing to Europe and America.


Each piece of our vintage clothing is carefully selected to ensure that its quality standards are in line with European and American market standards and styles. 


If you want to know more detailed information about Zagumi vintage clothing, please send us inquiry inquiry.

Zagumi Vintage Brand Clothing Shop By Pieces Only

At Zagumi Vintage, when you purchase used branded clothing, we utilize a unique sales model where we only price by pieces.


This means that you can pick and choose your favorite brands and styles to suit your order needs, but basic the exceptional quality and high value of the vintage clothing we offer, we insist on selling by pcs.

You can make your clothing selections and inform us of the quantity you'd like to purchase. We will then package them according to your specified clothing items and brands.

Pack with Required Amount

40ft container of used clothes

Container 40 HQ

We Can Load Like 28,000 Pieces

20ft container of used clothes

Container 20 HQ

We Can Load Like 15,000 Pieces

Quantity of the entire container load, counted in pieces.

Vintage Summer Clothes

Load Like 28,000 Pieces For A 40ft Container

Vintage Winter Clothes

Load Like 20,000 Pieces For A 40ft Container

We Have Clients All Over The World

As a leading used clothing/shoe/bag factory in China, we supply high quality used products to global market.

european market

European Market

Thanks to our extensive supply chain, we have been exporting high quality used brand sports clothes such as Nike, Adidas, Puma and branded tshirts, Hoodies and sweaters to Europe.

thrift store

Thrifting Enterprise

We also work with global thrift stores and major thrift retailers such as Remix, Thredup. Zagumi a second-hand clothing company with European quality standards

aisan market

Asian Market

With a wide variety of styles and various types of used clothing, we can boost your Asian used clothing wholesale business.

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