Five best second hand clothes factories in Comorin

Five best second hand clothes factories in Comorin

Five best second hand clothes factories in Comorin

Second hand clothes are always in demand, and they come with the added bonus of being cheaper than most new items. If you’re looking for a factory that can provide you with quality second hand clothes at an affordable price, then you’ve come to the right place! Here is our list of the five best second hand clothing wholesale suppliers in Comorin.



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zagumi used clothes supplier

Zagumi is one of the most popular used bale clothing suppliers in Comorin. They are well-known for their strict quality control, ensuring that all of their used clothing products are in pristine condition.
They have an impressive selection and quick turnaround time, so you can get your hands on the best second hand clothing at a great price.
One advantage of working with Zagumi is that they offer a wide range of used clothing products, from everyday items to more niche pieces. They are also one of the few used clothing wholesale companies that carry mixed rags, so if you’re looking for these, Zagumi is definitely worth considering.

Another advantage of this used clothes supplier is that they cooperate with Chinese first-tier cities’ communities and greening organizations, which means they have a stable and continuous source of used clothing from quality materials. That helps them keep their prices low and guarantees that you’ll get the latest fashion trends in used clothing.


Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Belgium

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Used clothes, used shoes, used bags


Syriaque Cie is a bulk clothing suppliers that has been in the industry for a long time. They are known for their good quality used clothing, and they have a wide range of products to choose from.
One thing that sets Syriaque Cie apart from other factories is its focus on environmental sustainability. They use recycled materials whenever possible, which helps reduce the amount of waste produced by the factory.
In addition to its commitment to sustainability, Syriaque Cie is also known for its services. They offer a quick turnaround time to get your hands on the clothes you need as quickly as possible. All the sorting workers are well-trained before onboard, so you can rest assured that your products will be handled with care.
Syriaque Cie is an excellent choice for anyone looking to work with a second hand clothes factory in Comorin; however, they do not offer an online purchase gateway. If you’re looking to buy wholesale second hand clothes online, this may not be the factory for you.


Hatvan, Hungary

Wholesaler, Exporter

Used clothes, used shoes, used bags


D AND A HOLLER KFT. have been in the business for a long time. They have established strong working relationships with many businesses from around Comorin and other countries to ensure that there is always an ongoing trading activity. If you’re looking for reliable suppliers who can deliver on schedule, Syriaque Cie should be on your top list.
One thing to note about this bulk used clothing company is that they only deal in bulk orders. They have a wide selection of products for men, women, kids, and other uses in households.
Even with low-cost items like men’s white t-shirts, there is no need to worry about them breaking or tearing after a few wears because they have a strict clothing grade system with which they grade all their clothing items with precise standards. You can be sure that the clothes you receive from this company will last a long time and be of good quality.


Bandhagen, Sweden


used clothes


SVEALAND FLYTT & STÄD is another top-rated secondhand used shoes suppliers in Comorin. They specialize in wholesale second hand clothes, and they have a wide selection of items to choose from.
They have a team of experienced and qualified staff members dedicated to processing the best possible quality products and satisfying services to their clients. In their sorting center, a group of experts is in charge of quality control to ensure that all the products meet their high-quality standards.
In addition, they supply customized services for any quantity orders. Clients can customize their special orders according to their specifications of types, color, size, and even printing logo. Thus, dealing with SVEALAND FLYTT & STÄD, you will get the best used clothes and a competitive price, and excellent service.




Used clothes, used shoes, used bags, used toys


RAMACO is a used clothing factory located in Belgium. They have exported their secondhand clothing products to Africa, the Middle Eastern, and Eastern European countries.
They supply high-quality used clothes and offer a wide range of products to choose from. In addition to their selection of clothes, RAMACO also sells accessories such as hats, belts, and shoes.
One thing that makes RAMACO stand out from other factories is its focus on customer service. The staff members are always friendly and willing to help with whatever you need. They constantly update their inventory to ensure that they have the newest styles available.


This article has shared five best second hand clothes factories in Comorin. If you are looking for the supplier of used clothing, please read this article to find out more information about these suppliers and make sure they can provide quality products. Send us inquiry if you want to know more!

Five best used clothes factories in Comorin

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