Five best second hand clothes factories in Bolivia

Five best second hand clothes factories in Bolivia

Five best second hand clothes factories in Bolivia

    Second hand clothes can be an excellent way for people to save money on their clothing needs. However, it is vital to find an ethical second hand clothes wholesaler who will not sell you old or used items that are ragged and torn. When buying used clothing, you want the items to look still new and crisp.

    With this in mind, read our list of the five best second-hand clothing factories in Bolivia where we have found quality used clothing at an affordable price.



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zagumi used clothes supplier

    Zagumi is a chinese wholesale clothing suppliers based in Guangzhou, China. This second hand clothing factory has years of experience selling high-quality recycled apparel to buyers around the world.
Zagumi’s used clothing factory has all types of used clothing items in stock, including clothes, shoes, accessories, and other items. The well-trained sorting workers are constantly working to ensure that all second hand clothing items in their inventory are of the highest quality.

     Besides, they have a complete system of quality control and packing.

    Zagumi is a famous wholesale branded clothing suppliers because they have an easy-to-use and interactive website where customers can easily browse and buy used clothes online with just a few clicks of the mouse.

    In addition, Zagumi has a very professional logistics team which ensures that bulk used clothing in its warehouse are well organized and easy for buyers to search through when buy second hand clothes online from this factory.



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Used clothes, used shoes, used bags

Les Petites Du Limousin

      LES PETITES MAINS DU LIMOUSIN is a used clothing wholesale bales supplier in Limousin, France. All second hand clothes at this second-hand wholesale shop are manufactured through traditional methods and with high-quality materials.
The goal of this second hand fashion company is simple: provide customers with high-quality items without the huge markups associated with designer brands and department stores.

     This used clothes jumpsuit wholesale supplier has made it their mission to be as sustainable as possible, ensuring that all garments sold out were previously well taken care of and will continue to look good after being worn again by another person.

Hissen Global

Guangzhou, China

Wholesaler, Exporter

Used clothes, used shoes, used bags


     Hissen Global is another secondhand clothing business in Guangzhou, China. The company has been selling wholesale used clothing for years and is an expert at what they do.

    This clothing wholesaler focuses on providing good quality products that can be re-worn by customers without looking worn out or dirty. Hissen Global’s strict inspection process ensures that all their used garments go through thorough inspections before being sold to the public as new items.

     This means that their clients will never have to worry about receiving raggedy second hand clothes from this supplier! 

     This secondhand clothes supplier believes in offering their customers the best possible service and experience when buying online from them, so they have made it easy for buyers to communicate with their sales representatives through email or live chat.


Los Angeles, the US


used clothes


     SAMIYATEX bulk used clothing company was established in the US. This used clothing business has always had an international mindset, recognizing that there are buyers all over the world who would love to buy good quality recycled apparel without spending too much money on it!

     As such, this supplier offers high-quality items but with very affordable price tags so more people can enjoy these goods despite their low budget.
     Their clients will never have to worry about receiving second hand clothes from them which look worn out or dirty because they have implemented a strict inspection process before sending any of their products off to customers.

     This way, all garments sold by them will still appear brand new even after being worn by another person.

IRCEB Buggenhout NV



Used clothes, used shoes, used bags, used toys

IRCEB Buggenhout NV 1

    IRCEB Buggenhout NV is a used clothing factory in Belgium. This second hand fashion company strives to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible by selling only recycled items that have been well preserved. Hence, they still look new even after being worn again.
This wholesale used clothing company works with talented buyers and manufacturers worldwide to ensure that all their garments are of high quality.

   This used clothing company has always had a strong commitment towards sustainable practices and will continue to do so in order to make sure our planet remains healthy and beautiful.
This wholesale supplier values transparency between them and their clients, which is why they encourage both parties to communicate through email or live chat if needed. If given enough time, one of their representatives should be able to get back to you within 24 hours at most, even during weekends since every customer matters equally.


    Before making a decision on which second hand clothes supplier to work with. It is important to know what each company is offering and what you really need.

Five best used clothes factories in Bolivia

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