Why Are Used Clothes From China Most Popular In Africa?

Used Clothes From China Be Most Popular In Africa

Why Are Used Clothes From China Most Popular In Africa

In the picture, the largest open-air market and the distribution center for second-hand clothes in Africa.

Additionally, thousands of stalls selling the bales of used clothes from China.

Firstly, 4 reasons for the booming market of second-hand clothing in Africa:

1: Fashion Styles 

Styles of second hand kids clothes or women/men used clothes are fashionable in China.

Because of its fashion design and high quality material, second hand dress or used pants are popular in Africa.

2:Good Quality

Almost world’s brand clothes are produced in China.

There are many used clothing bales suppliers all in china.

As a result, the clients choose the A grade used clothes in bale to satisfy the need of market in Africa.

3: Cheap Price 

Price of old clothes is only about 35% of the new clothes’ price .

For example, the price of a brand new short sleeve is $12.50.

While the used short sleeve is about $4.3.

4: Difference Between China And Korea/Japan bale suppliers

1: Less national and festival features of Chinese used clothes.

    The normal features can be well received by most people.

2: Various styles: kids wholesale used clothes, woman/man second-hand plus size clothes, dress and pants.

3: Quantity:big quantity of second hand bale clothes stock guarantee the strong supply chain.

4: Professional service and business ethics of the supplier from China.

As you can see in the picture, the proportion of Asia is 60.89%, Africa is 10.54%, South America is 10.07%,

Europe is 7.26%, North America is 6.56%.Middle East is 4.45%, while other countries is 0.23%.

The Asian countries (48 countries in total) include:

  1.  East Asia includes China, North and South Korea, Mongolia and Japan.
  2. Southeast Asia includesVietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and so on.
  3. South Asia includes Sri Lanka, Maldives, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan

Second-hand clothes are received well in Asia countries and Africa.

Secondly, the huge stock of second-hand clothing in China:

Per Chinese buys more than 20 new clothing each year, of which 5-8 pieces are discarded.

Finally, about 50 million tons of clothes are thrown away every year.However, it causes serious environmental pollution.

In 2020, China exported a total of $38 million of second-hand clothing to the used clothing online or offline.

More than 70 percent of clothes exported to the Africa.

Of course, Africans like Chinese clothes because their countries lack a large number of clothes.

As the same time, the characteristics of Chinese clothes meet their needs.

Benefits of second hand products trade between Africa and China:

1:Promoting employment rate:

Used clothing business has become an important economic sector in  Africa.

It become an essential industry to reduce the unemployed rate. 

The bulk used clothing trade creates more than 1.3 million job opportunities in Africa.

2:Earning more money:

Main reason why Africa prefer the used clothes in china is that the profit is large.

Africans can earn more money to take care of their family and live a better life.

Maybe you will ask that where can buy large amount of used clothes?

  1. Facebbook App
  2. Youtube App
  3. Twitter App
  4. Amazon APP
  5. Alibaba APP

4 easy-to-follow tips for selling your clothes online or offline

  1. Focus on your target market
  2. Be honest with clients and suppliers
  3. Learn more knowledge about the used clothes&bags&shoes
  4. Find out the reliable suppliers in china

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