Buying Used Shoes in Bulk and Make a Profit – 101 Tips

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Just like clothes shield our bodies from rough surfaces and environmental damage by acting as a barrier, shoes also protect our soles and contribute greatly to our experience of life as human beings. It provides support and stability to the foot while helping it heal. The right-fitting shoe even corrects our gait and improves posture. Since our feet are the foundation of everyday life, they must have the appropriate support.


Because of these reasons, people are learning the importance of good-fitting footwear and are investing thousands of bucks in them. As a shoe seller, it is crucial to know that while an ill-fitting shoe can injure or harm the posture, people find high-quality shoes expensive. But there’s no need to worry anymore because this blog will introduce you to the bulk used shoes seller in bulk to provide your audience with high-quality footwear at affordable prices!


Since more and more people are taking a step towards sustainability, the shoe resale market is also expanding. So, let’s learn everything you need to know about it and how to choose a reliable exporter for your business.


Countries and Regions Importing Used Shoes:

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According to research conducted globally in 2020, China was the largest importer of used footwear, followed by Vietnam, Italy, Indonesia, Germany, and Belgium. While in 2021, the United States was the biggest importer of shoes, followed by Germany, Japan, and France.


The citizens of these countries have been importing second-hand shoes to get their hands on unique selections at a great price. Furthermore, since more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious these days, they are opting to limit waste by using the resources already available in the market.


Let’s take a look at the used sneakers wholesale imports in million across the world in 2021:


United States – 2.4 billion pairs

Germany – 631 million pairs

Japan – 545 million pairs

France – 435 million pairs

United Kingdom – 353 million pairs

Russian Federation – 311 million pairs

Italy – 308 million pairs

Belgium – 268 million pairs

Spain – 263 million pairs

The Netherlands – 246 million pairs


Some of the Best Second-hand Footwear Resources:

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Although people are skeptical about using second-hand footwear, it is the best way to spend less money and still get an impressive selection. It also helps limit waste as you contribute to the environment. But before buying a second-hand shoe, ensure the reputation and reliability of the company you’re buying from.


If you’re looking for great deals on used shoes, here are the best second-hand websites to consider.


Zagumi is a global supplier of second-hand footwear and other products for all seasons and genders. It was set up in 2012 in China, supplying used items within the country. But today, it has become China’s leading factory, assisting firms and merchants importing high-quality second-hand goods. Today, Zagumi exports used shoes to over 60 countries.


If you also want to buy used nike shoes wholesale and resell them at a profit, Zagumi will ensure your satisfaction. It also offers personalized packaging and order tracking services to constantly update its customers about the shipment.


Indetexx has been in the business for over 15 years, committed to quality and high customer service. It offers a wide variety of used shoes for men and women at unbeatable prices. Its team buys products from reliable sources and sells them in good condition after inspecting them for flaws. The company offers goods in three grades: Grade A and B are exported. Grade C is recycled and then shipped.


Although Etsy is famous for selling vintage products and art supplies, it is also the best used shoe website. It offers a wide variety of second-hand shoes for children, women, and men of all ages. Etsy was launched in 2005 and has been continuously growing, with over 60 million members worldwide as of 2019.


Alibaba was founded in 2016 in China to sell and buy second-hand footwear in bulk. It is the world’s largest online marketplace, with over 5 million members, selling shoes from over 50 countries. It is specially designed for business-to-business transactions. As a seller, you can find a wide variety of used shoes here at wholesale prices.


SamiYatek is a popular website offering quality and affordable used shoes from the USA. It has decades of experience in sourcing and an impressive selection of second-hand goods. The company provides a broad selection of used shoe bales for sale, including a wide range of work boots, western shoes, and branded footwear.


Another wholesale marketplace selling second-hand footwear across the globe is DHgate. It is a popular platform where global buyers and sellers can trade shoes, ranging from used to new at competitive prices. It also offers bulk rates for all shoe sizes and styles, so you can save money.


Different Types of Used Shoes Available in the Market:

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From walking to running, the market is filled with a wide variety of second-hand footwear to serve everyone’s needs while making a bold fashion statement. So, let’s discuss the different types of used shoes you can find in the market:

Sorted by People Group

Women Shoes

You can find an authentic used shoe seller by checking their website and reviews and ensuring their goodwill. From loafers to heels, wedges, and chunky boots, you can find everything on the website.

Men Shoes

As a shoe seller, you must know the wide variety of men’s footwear available in the market. It includes sneakers, boots, oxfords, and more. But if you want to purchase authentic ones, contact a reliable provider.

Children Shoes

High-quality second-hand shoes for kids are safe to wear if they are made of quality material and have adequate protection.

Sorted by Actual Needs

Summer Shoes

Summers can be really hot in some areas. That’s why you must offer the customers several options ranging from sliders to flip-flops, ballerinas, and mules.

Winter Shoes

Your winter-approved footwear collection must include a range of boots perfect for winter – heeled or non-heeled.

Sorted by Brands

Branded Shoes

Since branded boots whether used or brand new, don’t need marketing, they last for a long time and are the most typical types sold by sellers. But they can be heavy on the pocket.

Common Mixed Shoes

As a seller, you must offer your customers an affordable and high-quality option of commonly mixed shoes. While these shoes are not branded, they are economical, made of quality material, and provide the utmost comfort.


How to Research and Know Your Ideal Customers?

Conducting Research

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Not knowing your customers is tiresome as it makes the sales procedure tedious. It narrows your market and disables you from appealing to the audience that values your products. Since the better you know your audience and offer them considerate services, the easier it is to make sales. Here are a few tricks to help you identify your ideal customers better:

Identify Your Current Audience

Instead of focusing on gathering more customers, study your current ones and identify what they have in common. Look for identifiable features and demographic data, such as age, gender, shared interests, and location.

Take Help from Social Media

If you have a social media account, use its insights to gain demographic data on the people interacting and engaging with your pages. These tools also give data on the type of content receiving the highest engagement from consumers. You can put it together to create an image of your ideal client.

Use Google Analytics

If you have a website, Google Analytics can give you a wealth of data about the visitors, to understand your clients better. If you have a specific niche, collect data from associations or industry groups to understand and identify your ideal clients.

Study Your Competitor’s Pages

It is also a good idea to check the social media pages of your competitors to see what type of content they highlight. It will paint a picture of your competitor’s beliefs and ideals about their consumers.


How to Estimate the Quality & Quantity of Footwear You Need?

Quality Control Team

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Shopping for shoes in bulk can be tempting as you save money while ensuring high quality. But sometimes, it is confusing how much to buy and in what quality. So, here are a few tips to help you make the correct decision.

Quality Checks

Since people are looking for more sustainable options today, it is better to buy used clothes or footwear that works for a long time. Some other essential quality assurance tests and checks include checking for vulcanized soles, needle detection, torsion, stitch density, friction, rub, rocking, bonding, and marking tests. A shoe that fails these tests leaves scuff marks and bleed colors, is unsuitable for the weather, slips too often, and has poor strength.

Quantity Estimation

Before ordering shoes, understand your audience – whether it consists of men, women, or children as it will significantly impact your decision. Find out the demand for each shoe type. Some sellers even limit the maximum number of units they sell per size. So, order after considering how many buyers will buy your product.


How to Research for Trustworthy Used Footwear Suppliers?

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To get great deals on second-hand shoes and ensure high quality, here are a few factors to consider:

Check the Exporter’s Reputation

You can check the used shoe exporter’s reputation by going through their customer reviews and ratings or by checking the quality of their website. You can tell a lot about the supplier’s reputation through their website. A well-designed website is likely to sell high-quality summer used clothing and shoes and has good customer service.

Look for Fast Shipping

Quick shipping is a desirable feature when looking for a used shoe website because it helps save shipping costs, leading to savings. It also shows that the website is reputable, and trustworthy, and has a large selection of second-hand footwear. It increases your chances of finding the perfect used sneakers wholesale.

Check for a Loyalty Program

Before purchasing, check if the shoe seller has a loyalty program to avail of several benefits. Loyalty programs incentivize buyers to return to the website for future purchases and help the seller build customer loyalty and satisfaction, leading to positive reviews, referrals, and repeat business.

Variety of Products Offered

Look for a seller offering a wide selection of used shoes for people of all genders, ages, and needs. While some people may want to buy discontinued shoes, others may look for a seller that offers a wide selection of winter used clothing or shoes so they can pick the perfect pair.

Ensure a Safe Checkout Process

A secure checkout process shields personal and financial data from being compromised and ensures you make a reliable purchase. To determine if the website has a safe checkout process, look for SSL encryption, and a padlock icon next to the website’s URL. It ensures your personal and financial data remains safe from online hackers.


Why Buy Used Shoes in Bulk to Make a Profit from Zagumi?

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Zagumi is a leading second-hand footwear supplier globally. It has been in the market for a long time and very well understands the needs of its consumers and how to cover their appetites. It provides diversified fashion for all seasons and gender to help you build a used footwear business domain.


Its products undergo five rounds of strict quality control tests in its processing factories with 400 dedicated workers. 80% of its products are new-like, so you can be sure of providing quality footwear to the customers. It also carries BV, SGS, COC, and Fumigation Commodity Inspection certificates.


So, if you’re looking for a go-to, high-quality, and hot-selling second-hand footwear supplier, place your bets on Zagumi.


Key Takeaway

While some websites sell authentic footwear, others sell first copies. They may look genuine but are not. Since many exporters are selling second-hand shoes today, it’s tough to identify a genuine one. However, if you buy from Zagumi, you can be sure of a wide selection of items in excellent condition at wholesale prices. It will help you save even more money. So, if you’re looking for a trustable second-hand shoe supplier, contact us today.

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