Top 5 Used Clothes Suppliers in Egypt

Top 5 Used Clothes Suppliers in Egypt

Top 5 Used Clothes Suppliers in Egypt

    Many people are looking for the best used clothes suppliers in Egypt for their secondhand clothing business. If you’re not sure where to start your search, this blog post will help you out! We’ve compiled 5 of the best second hand clothing factories in Egypt so that you’ll have some options when looking for used clothing suppliers around.



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zagumi used clothes supplier

  Zagumi is one of the best wholesale second hand clothes suppliers in Egypt. They provide used clothing that is clean and ready for resale to customers around the world. The advantage of this wholesale clothing company is that they offer wholesale prices, competitive shipping rates, and the ability to maintain large bulks of collecting resources. Another advantage of this bulk used clothing company is the fact that they offer a wide variety of items .

    such as men’s, women’s, and kids’ apparel, mixed shoes,accessories, and other items in their collection. In addition, Zagumi offers competitive wholesale prices on all of these products along with shipping rates that make it easy for individual secondhand clothing businesses to get up off the ground quickly.



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Used clothes, used shoes, used bags


   The used clothes Egypt supplier in our list is called USED CLOTHING TAIB. This company sells wholesale used clothes and shoes which are of good quality. They sell to customers around the world, including Africa (sell used clothes egypt) and Europe, and America.

    The strength of the brand is that they have been in business for a long time, and this means they are very familiar with the used clothes market so that they have a stable customer chain and many clothes resources from all over the world. 



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Used clothes, used shoes, used bags


    The third best wholesale used clothing supplier is called BUC CANADA. It has been known as one of the top providers of used clothing and accessories throughout all of Egypt. The variety offered by this business includes Egyptian clothing for sale men’s & women’s fashion apparel, bags, shoes, belts, and accessories from brands. If you are looking for an international clothing wholesale supplier, this is a good choice. Besides, this used clothing wholesale offers different sizes of products, including large bales and small bales.

Mmatcher Ltd



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Mmatcher Limited 1

   Another option when looking for bulk used clothing suppliers in Egypt is called Mmatcher Ltd. They sell secondhand clothes, including shoes and bags that come in great condition with no odor or stains on them. Their brand’s advantage includes competitive prices and the ability to collect and recycle used clothing from first-tier cities with fashion trends. Also, the used clothing factory of Mmatcher Ltd provides different container deals, which consist of different bulk of used clothes. 



Used clothes, used shoes, used bags, used toys


    Last up on our list of Egyptian second hand clothes suppliers is BRITANNIA TEXTILE TRADE (PTY) LTD., which is a well-known business in Africa. This used clothing wholesale provides used clothing that is sold throughout the continent, including Egypt. The advantage of this brand includes affordable prices and access to consumers of all product types and various sizes. In addition, the shipping rates are very affordable with this company. Because the warehouse of PTY is relatively near to Africa, the shipping rates are lower and faster.


    The key to your used clothing business is knowing where to look for a used clothes supplier in Egypt wholesale clothing, and the above list should hopefully help you out!

Top 5 second hand Clothes Suppliers in Egypt

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