Top 5 used clothing exporters in USA(Bale Weight Info)

How Many Pieces in One Bale?

Depends on the weight of each bale;

Depends on clothing types: winter or summer, or special items(shoes, underwear or so on)

different bale weight commonly seen


– Zagumi – #1 used clothing bales manufacturer

zagumi logo 2

Foundation: Zagumi was founded more than a decade ago in 2012 as an innovative startup.

Location: Building A8, Changban Daxuetang Innovation Park, No. 21, Changyuan Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Best Known Products: Zagumi has made its mark by producing superior quality secondhand clothing, used shoes, bags, toys and mixed rags, available in both mixed and single items solutions.

Bale Weight: Normally starting from 10 or 25 kg/bale; but further customization is available depending on the situation. See buying used clothing bales by kg, pound, lbs, and container.



– Hissen

hissen global logo01

Foundation: Hissen has already been in the manufacturing sector for about half a century since 1971.

Factories Location: Hissen Global have two factories in Guangdong China has a factory in Jiangsu China.

Best Known Products: Hissen is particularly famous for its expertise in manufacturing a variety of second-hand clothing.

 Bale Weight: Starting from 25kg, also available in full container(20/40ft), customization available.



– Indetexx

IEX logo

Foundation: Established in 2012, Indetexx has been a reputable name in the manufacturing industry.

Location: No.127 Xiusheng Road, Renhe Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Best Known Products: As a reliable secondhand clothes exporter in USA, The company is best known for supplying secondhand clothing including winter clothing and summer clothing.

Bale Weight: Depending on single item or mixed clothing. 



– A&E

Texx team logo

Foundation: A&E is a company with a rich history and was founded way back in 1891.

Location: A&E operates out of its headquarters in Mt Holly, North Carolina, USA.

Best Known Products: As one of the best used clothing suppliers in the USA, A&E is renowned for manufacturing high-quality secondhand clothes and textiles, passionately serving the 2nd hand fashion and upholstery industries for over a century.



– Texxteam

A & E logo

Foundation: Texxteam was established in the late 1990s and has been growing ever since.

Location: The Texxteam headquarters is in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Best Known Products: Texxteam is a reputable American used clothing company known for its premium quality fabrics, sophisticated design, and sustainable clothes manufacturing. This company is particularly sought after for its trendy and eco-friendly fashion lines.

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