A Comparison of Used A-Grade and B-Grade Shoes

You may encounter products of different grades in the used clothing & shoes market, namely A-grade and B-grade used shoes. This article will delve into the characteristics and differences between A-grade and B-grade products in the used shoe market.

Traits of A-Grade Used Shoes


Intact Bottom:

A-grade used shoes have their outsoles fully intact, showing minimal signs of wear and tear, ensuring stability and durability.

No Dyeing:

These shoes retain their original color without any additional dyeing or color alterations.

Rarely Dirty:

A-grade used shoes are typically clean and free from dirt, stains, or any other blemishes.

No Degumming:

The adhesive used to attach different parts of the shoe remains intact and does not show any signs of deterioration or separation.

No Peeling:

A-grade used shoes do not exhibit any peeling or flaking of materials, such as the upper, lining, or outsole, preserving the shoe’s overall appearance and functionality.

No Missing Parts: 

All components of the shoe, including eyelets, stitching, and embellishments, are present and securely attached, with no missing or loose parts.

Rarely Rotten:

A-grade used shoes show minimal or no signs of deterioration due to moisture or environmental factors.

Target Market:

  • Importers: Importers seeking premium quality used shoes that appeal to high-end customers and markets.
  • Retailers: High-end used stores and boutiquesfocusing on premium used goods.

Traits of B-Grade Used Shoes

grade B shoes

Moderate Rotten:

B-grade used shoes may exhibit moderate signs of deterioration or rotting, typically on areas like the sole, inner lining, or upper material.

No Broken Bottom: 

Despite being B-grade, the outsoles of these used shoes remain intact and are not broken or severely damaged. This ensures basic functionality and stability during wear.

No Missing Parts: 

B-grade used shoes have all their essential components intact, including eyelets, stitching, and other structural elements, without any missing or loose parts.

No Peeling:

Although B-grade, these used shoes do not display peeling or flaking of materials such as the upper, lining, or outsole. This helps maintain the overall appearance and integrity of the shoes.

No Moldy:

Despite being B-grade, these used shoes are free from mold or mildew growth, ensuring they are safe to wear and do not pose any health risks to the wearer.

Target Market:

  • Importers: Budget-conscious importers who prioritize affordability over appearance, but still want reliable footwear for their markets.
  • Retailers: Thrift stores, discount outlets, and markets catering to customers looking for cost-effective options.

Price Comparison between A-Grade and B-Grade used Shoes

There is a noticeable price difference between A-grade and B-grade used shoes.

A-grade products typically command higher prices due to their superior quality and rarity. When consumers purchase A-grade products, they are not only acquiring a pair of shoes but also investing in quality and value retention.

Conversely, B-grade used shoes are priced more affordably, making them more appealing to consumers with limited budgets. Despite potential flaws, the lower price point of B-grade shoes enhances their attractiveness.

Consumer Choice and Market Trends

Consumers often consider their needs and budget when choosing used shoes. Some consumers may prefer to invest in A-grade used shoes for their superior quality and value retention. Others may opt for the affordability of B-grade used shoes, especially those who prioritize price over minor imperfections or brand prestige.


A-grade and B-grade used shoes cater to different consumer preferences and needs in the market. Consumers should weigh factors such as price and quality when making their choices.

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