Top 5 Used Clothing & Shoe Suppliers in Russia (Fashion Gems)

In Russia, the secondhand clothing market is thriving, offering unique opportunities for shoppers seeking quality fashion. If you’re looking for the top secondhand clothing and shoe suppliers in Russia, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top five popular secondhand clothing and shoe suppliers in Russia, taking you on a journey through the endless possibilities of fashion.


1. Hissen Global

hissen global clothing supplier

Hissen Global is one of the leading companies in the Russian secondhand clothing market, offering a wide range of used clothing and used shoe options. They are known for their diverse range of products and high-quality offerings, providing customers with a unique fashion experience. Whether you’re looking for used summer clothes or used winter clothes, Hissen Global has you covered.


2. Zagumi

Zagumi used clothing supplier

Zagumi is another popular Russian used clothing wholesaler, renowned for its fashionable branded used clothes and brand used sneakers. They curate premium used clothing and shoes from around the world, bringing customers the latest fashion trends and personalized styling options. Whether you’re in search of cream clothing or brand clothes, Zagumi has the fashion solution for you.


3. Eurotex Global

Eurotex Global Clothing Supplier

Eurotex Global holds a significant position in the Russian secondhand clothing market, known for its quality products and professional service. They offer high-quality secondhand clothing and shoes from Europe, combining elegance with fashion seamlessly. Whether you’re looking for classic styles or trendy pieces, Eurotex Global provides the best selection.


4. AE Clothing Poland

AE Clothing Poland Supplier

AE Clothing Poland is an American second hand clothes supplier with a wide customer base in the Russian market. They are renowned for their bulk used clothes and diverse styles, providing customers with a unique fashion experience. Whether you’re in search of elegant dresses or comfortable sneakers, AE Clothing Poland caters to your fashion needs.


5. Texval

exval clothing supplier

Texval is one of the standout used clothes factories in Russia, recognized for its high-quality used clothes and used sport shoes. They offer a variety of clothing and shoe for retails shops catering to every fashion preference. Whether you’re looking for personalized fashion pieces or practical everyday wear, Texval helps you create a unique fashion statement.


These are the top five premier secondhand clothing and shoe suppliers in Russia. Whether you’re the owner of a fashion shop or online store, these suppliers can offer you the best second hand clothes, allowing you to grow your second hand clothes business.

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