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Source: Zagumi


The demand for used apparel is growing. According to statistics, this industry is expected to reach US$ 71,225.6 million in 2022 and grow. Used clothing is in high demand because it is more affordable and of higher quality. When it comes to exporting used clothing, China is the market leader.


Approximately 26 million tons of clothing are thrown away in China each year, less than 1% of that total being recycled or reused. Chinese consumers, however, are reluctant to purchase and use used clothing, which encourages bulk manufacture and increases landfill waste. The top second-hand clothes wholesale supplier ships most of their products to foreign countries.


Below is the list of some of the best used clothing companies in china:



zagumi used clothes supplier

Source: Zagumi


A global firm called Zagumi focuses on selling top-notch old clothing. In addition to second-hand clothes, it also sells used purses and shoes. They have eight years of expertise exporting high-quality used items to many nations. Zagumi has a staff of highly qualified specialists and operates out of a magnificent factory.


One item on which they emphasize is the idea of customer service; they prioritize the consumer’s needs. In a short period, it became one of China’s top recycling businesses. They can deliver goods quickly and at consistent costs while shipping consumers five containers daily and 100 containers monthly.


Since founding in 2013, Zagumi has provided high-quality goods at competitive pricing. In fact, many nations recognize Zagumi as one of the major exporters of second-hand clothing, such as second-hand summer clothes. Additionally, their 10,000 square meter plant has 125 manufacturing lines, contributing to their daily output. Over 40 flow lines are double-checked and organized daily by a team of professionals to guarantee that the bulk of the used clothing you buy is of great quality. It also offers quick delivery times and reliable quality.


Hissen Global


Source: Hissen Global


Hissen Global is a reputable sourcing and strict quality control business for used clothing, shoes, and bags. It is one of  the best used clothing companies in China Guangzhou. Hissen provides used products, such as clothing, shoes, and handbags, to several Asian and African nations, including India, Pakistan and the Middle East.

They seek to ensure that used clothing is properly sorted, distributed, and given to persons in need rather than simply distributing old items. They have 200 highly skilled employees and more than 8 years of expertise.


They offer a wide range of products, including suits, used ladies silk skirt, and shirts. Additionally, they have excellent rates on all their used items, making them a fantastic choice for anyone seeking inexpensive clothing. Customers can browse their extensive inventory of used clothing at home on the company’s official website.

Additionally, their team is enthusiastic about what they do and takes satisfaction in offering merchants the best options for used goods. Hissen Global has established rigorous criteria for sourcing top-tier cities, including Beijing, Guangzhou, and many more, to supply high-quality raw materials. They put a lot of effort into updating their items and following the most recent fashion trends.


Guangzhou Yihuiso


Guangzhou Yihuiso Business Co., Ltd. is situated in Guangzhou, China. They are A reputable maker and exporter of second-hand clothing, designer bags, and used mixed shoes. The wholesaler exports to Southeast Asia, Pakistan, and the Middle East. The staff is extremely adept at sorting.


They assign quality control to oversee the quality of each line. They have two prominent factories totaling more than 8000 square meters and six production flow lines. They have also established a one-stop service, with their highly skilled and dependable staff handling everything from the procurement of the materials to selecting, sorting, packaging, and shipping of clothes.


Messina Hembry

Some clothings at MH

Source: Messina Hembry


Messina Hembry is a top-notch clothing supplier specializing in branded clothing. To guarantee that they can quickly deliver any merchandise to their consumers in any part of the world, they have multiple warehouses throughout the world.

The majority of the items in their inventory are shirts, and used ladies jeans wear

And men’s jeans. Brands and pricing are given on their official website, making finding the lowest-priced used clothes supplier simple.

They offer free shipping globally and handle more than 200000 kg of used clothing each month. Because they know that purchasing products online isn’t always simple, they also run a call center, and you can also have a virtual meeting with them. You can reach them whenever you need assistance.


Shanghai Baoshan District Yougong Cloth Factory


This company has three active facilities in China and specializes in delivering used garments and second-hand winter clothes to African nations. They offer excellent service and reasonable costs. They export used items, particularly clothing, to the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. But the main destinations for the goods are India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya, Srilanka, and the Middle East. One can rely on their clothes for their quality, and they vigorously follow the sorting out and ensures that they only export the best.



The fashion business is always increasing, and with it, the use of clothing is changing. Second-hand clothing is becoming a popular trend across a variety of platforms. Due to its numerous environmental advantages, used clothing has become more fashionable and people are taking a step towards it. As a result, new startups are using this route to search for business opportunities.

China is a major source of second-hand clothing that other nations import because of its competitive manufacturing costs, high-quality raw materials, sophisticated machinery, and advanced industrial structure. Therefore, if you want to purchase used clothing from China and you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy source, contact us; you can be confident that you will obtain high-quality apparel at a fair price.



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