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Used Clothing

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The second-hand clothing industry is booming, and the reason behind this is the growing demand. Importers around the world buy used clothes, toys, shoes, etc., to make a profit and meet the demands. The second-hand clothes market is estimated to reach US$ 282,748.6 million by 2032. Since used clothes have better quality and are less expensive, people opt for them. At present, the current market share of used clothes is 12%-15%.


So, when it comes to buying used clothes, the brokers must have experience and skills if they want to make a profit. Your customers will always want the best quality products. Also, when it comes to buying used clothes and selling them, it becomes important to have different categories of clothes, such as reliable second-hand clothes in bulk suppliers will provide not only clothes but rags, toys, shoes, etc.


Below is a complete guide to buying used clothing and how it can lead to profit.

Countries and Regions that Import Used Clothes

Used clothes market

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The textile industry impacts almost everyone, and it is also one of the most profitable ventures too. However, when it comes to the second-hand market, the market size is huge, and there are several countries that import used clothing.


One of the leading countries that import second-hand clothes is Ghana. Ghana imported around $214M in used clothing from China, the UK, Poland, the Netherlands, and Canada. There is a huge market in Ghana known as Kantamanto Market is the hub for second-hand clothing. One can see traders sorting through piles of clothes to get the best deal. These consist of Mixed rags, t-shirts, shoes, toys, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, etc.


Another largest import of used clothing is from Pakistan. There is high inflammation in the country which is leading to demand for more affordable clothing, and this is paving the way for the second-hand clothes market.


Kenya receives most of its second-hand clothes from Europe, China, and USA. In fact, around 70 percent of clothes in the UK are reused and sold in Kenya. Kenya’s largest second-hand market is the Mitumba market, and around two million people work there. So, there is a huge scope for used apparel in Kenya. In fact, in Kenya, most households opt for these reused clothes. Kenya imports clothes, and at the same time, it exports too.


When it comes to Mitumba, it is not just about used clothes; it is a source of income for several Kenyans. The biggest importer of clothes to Kenya in 2020 was China. It does help Kenya to be financially stable, and the used clothing market is crucial to Kenya’s economy.


Used Clothes Resources

Buying used clothes offer several advantages to the potential business owner. It offers a higher profit margin, and one of the reasons is that the resource from where one gets the used clothes are mostly donated or consigned, and when bought wholesale, the price is affordable.


Mostly the used clothing is sourced from different charitable organizations from developed countries or from trusts such as Goodwill, Oxfam, and salvation army. Mostly these donations, especially used clothing, are sold to developing countries. According to numbers, only 10 percent of these clothes are sold domestically rest are exported.


Different Types of Used Clothes

Used Ladies Clothing

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Used clothes are not limited to one category; in fact, one can buy women’s used clothing, men’s, kids, winter wear, summer wear, etc. Also, buying used clothes provides people with different options, and they can save money. Since used clothes are more affordable than new clothes, and people are getting different varieties, they opt for reused apparel. It helps in reducing their clothing expenses.

Sorted by People Group

Women clothes

When it comes to women’s clothing items, there are different varieties, be it used ladies silk blouses,  used women t-shirts, gowns, dresses etc. Clothing is a great way to showcase style and comfort. Wholesale clothes supplier provides a great deal on bulk women’s clothing, be it dresses, jeans, pajamas, etc. What types of clothes to buy depends on the needs of the customers. Also, apart from clothes, there are different options for accessories, such as handbags, belts, etc.

Men clothes

Men’s used clothing consists of classic apparel such as jeans to modern ones such as men’s suits. There are used men’s T-shirts, jackets, shorts, etc. In fact, for men’s clothes, there is an extensive selection. With the best wholesale supplier, one can also get different sizes too. Apart from clothes, one can also get accessories such as shoes, bags, etc. With the help of different men’s shoes and t-shirts, your customer can style them in any look they want.

Children clothes

For children, there are plenty of options. When parents pick clothes for their children, the first thing they see is the quality. With children’s used clothes, this will not be an issue, as the supplier always works with the best clothes. They go through rigorous quality check and inspection to check the clothes is of top-notch quality. Different types of kid’s clothing include types of denim, and one can wear denim in full length or short, used children pants, skirts, t-shirts, dresses for girls, trousers, etc.

Sorted by Actual Needs

Fashion is one category for second-hand clothes, but the other category is actual needs. Different types of clothes according to season are easily available.


Summer clothes

There is no doubt that the second-hand market is better for the environment, and in addition to that, there are several options available too. One can get clothes according to their needs. For example, summer used clothing is very popular, and people love to shop for different styles of summer clothes for men, women, and children. These clothes provide style and extreme comfort in the summer season. Wholesalers provide great deals in bulk summer clothes orders. Summer clothes include dresses, t-shirts, gowns, shorts, pajamas, caps, etc.,

Winter clothes

One can find several high-quality winter wear with a second-hand clothes supplier. Winter used clothing is gaining popularity due to the quality of the fabric. Also, there are varieties available, from regular garments to branded clothing. So, people get options to try out different styles, and they get to wear clothes that might not be easy to find. Winter clothes consist of jackets, sweaters, jackets, socks, etc., for men, women, and children.


Research and Know Your Customers

Similar to other businesses, buying and selling used clothes is vital that you know your customers. When you are aware of the needs and demands of your target audience, then only you can decide which clothing to purchase. In this way, you will have more visibility.


Also, research the current trends and see what your customers are looking for or what they are buying the most. Also, since the customers can be of different age groups, know what your young customers want; most younger generations are interested in current trends, so keep your stock accordingly. Knowing your target market, and their needs, help you determine the course of your business plan.


Every business requires customers for their business so that it can grow and prosper. So, you have to plan, market, and determine not only your potential audience but your potential location too. Determine from which specific location you will be able to draw in more customers.

Estimate the Quality & Quantity You Need

Quality and quantity are two important factors when you are in buying and selling second-hand clothes. The first one is quality; the main reason people opt for used clothes is that they are of great quality and long-lasting. So, when a customer looks for a product, be it used clothes, used shoes, bags, etc., one thing that they need is great quality. So, you have to ensure that the clothes you are buying are of top-notch quality. Check out the fabrics, zippers, any stain marks, etc.; when you are assured of the quality, only put it to sell.


Another factor is quantity. You want your inventory to be stocked up with loads of clothes, and at the same time, you want your inventory to be manageable. So, you have to determine how much quantity you need. You know your customers, and you know the target location. Once you are aware, you can determine how much quantity you need. Try not to go over the limit. And with the help of a good supplier, you will not face any issue of the inventory shortage, as they will be able to provide you with any quantity you want as soon as possible.

Research for Trust Worthy Supplier/Exporter

One of the most important aspects that decide the success of your business is to find a reliable exporter or supplier. After all, when you have a good relationship with your supplier and when you are assured that you are getting good quality products to serve your customer, your business will flourish. So, when picking a supplier, there are several parameters that must be checked out, such as:

  • Prices
  • Shipping timelines
  • Quantity
  • Diverse style


So, when you look for a supplier, ensure they provide affordable fashion. The second-hand clothes market is popular because it provides affordable clothes of good quality. So, when you pick a wholesale supplier, first of all, see what price they are offering and if they are offering great deals in bulk orders or not. Also, check if they are going through rigorous quality checks or not. One cannot compromise on quality.


Another important factor is quantity. Evaluate your needs and how much quantity you require, then see if the supplier can fulfill those demands. To ensure that you should opt for a supplier, which deals globally, they have different locations, a solid supply chain system and warehouses, so you do not have to worry about the quantity. The supplier should be capable of satisfying your company’s requirements.


And delivery time must not be long enough. Check if they have customer service so that if any issue arises, you can easily get in touch with them. Check out their resources, such as their staff, equipment, storage, which tools they use, etc.

Market Yourself 

Marketing plays a crucial role in determining the success of your business. Now, you know what your customer wants, and you have got the stock from a reliable supplier, but now you have to market your product. There are different ways of marketing. For example, you can put on flyers, and you can go to local communities, colleges, and shops and advertise your business. Also, you have to decide if you want to be only brick and mortar shop or if you want an online presence. Nowadays, online presence is extremely important. You can post about your business and provide great deals to youee customers. Also, once you have sorted out everything, it is time to set up your website. In this way, your customer can easily find you online.

Key Takeaway

The fashion market is trillion dollar industry, and when it comes to second-hand clothes, there are different types available. Repurposed clothes are beneficial for the environment, and it helps in reducing textile waste. Also, with used clothing, it implies that more people have access to high-quality, affordable clothing.


Also buying used clothes also opens up a new market segment, which is a good business venture. Following the tips, one can convert into a profitable business quickly. So, it becomes important to check the clothes, quality, etc., properly. If you are looking for a reliable wholesale supplier of used clothing, you can contact us to get the best deals.

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