Top 5 Wholesale Second Hand Clothes Factories In Spain

Top 5 Wholesale Second Hand Clothes Factories In Spain

Top 5 Wholesale Second Hand Clothes Factories In Spain

As a trader, you’re always looking for new and exciting sources for clothes. Spain is a great option for finding high-quality wholesale second hand clothes. Several factories in the country specialize in this type of clothing, and they offer a wide range of options to choose from. So, if you’re looking for some new sourcing options, read on!



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zagumi used clothes supplier

Zagumi is famous for Strict Quality Control and specializes in recycling second hand wear. They have rich experience in the African and Middle East markets. Founded in 2013, the company has built a strong reputation for providing quality used clothing at competitive prices.
The company owns three factories, each with 10 thousand square meters of space and 125 production lines for your convenience!
At Zagumi, used clothes are checked for quality and then delivered to customers. The company has strict quality control measures in place to ensure that only the excellent quality used clothing is supplied. This allows customers to feel confident that they are getting value for their money.
By only supplying used clothes of the highest quality, Zagumi is able to maintain its reputation as a reliable source of used clothes.



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Used clothes, used shoes, used bags


DPT OPERATOR PTY LIMITED is a used clothing company located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Part of the second hand clothes industry, DPT has 200 employees and generates $1.07 million in sales annually.
DPT collects used clothes from individuals and resales them to wholesale people in business. The company offers used clothes for men&women, including pants, dresses, and shoes.
In addition to used clothes, DPT also sells used accessories such as belts, and jewelry. By offering a wide selection of used.
The company’s products are commonly found in second-hand clothing bazaars. All of the used products offered by DPT are cleaned and inspected before making them available for purchase. 

Stalesia Sp. Z O.O.


Wholesaler, Exporter

Used clothes, used shoes, used bags

Stalesia Sp. Z O.O.

Stalesia, a mens used clothes wholesale company, was founded in 2019. They believe that there are many reasons to purchase used clothing instead of new items. And build business models that fit their used wears.
For one, used clothing is far more affordable than new items. This is especially true for designer labels and popular brands.
In addition, used clothing is more environmentally friendly than new clothing.
The production of new clothing requires a lot of resources, including water, energy, and chemicals. By purchasing used clothing, you can help to reduce your impact on the environment.
Thanks to trading platforms like the Stalesia company, it’s easy to find used clothing that is both fashionable and unique.

Gentle Wear 4U



used clothes

Gentle Wear 4U

Founded in 2010, Gentle Wear 4U is a used clothing company based in Washington, USA. They provide quality used clothes&shoes for men, women, and children at wholesale prices.
Gentle Wear 4U ships unsorted used clothes and shoes in 20/40 containers worldwide. Their used clothes are sorted and packed according to customers’ requirements, and they pride themselves on the quality control standards.
The factory’s selection process ensures that only high-quality materials are used in clothing production. The wear is subject to detailed examination so it can be weighed and valued for sale at an appropriate price.
With years of experience in the used clothing industry, they have become a trusted partner for wholesale clothing used and outwear.




Used clothes, used shoes, used bags, used toys


Eurotex is a second hand clothes from uk sorter and exporter with over 20 years of experience. They have close partnerships with some of the leading companies in the used clothes business and offer more than 300 different articles.
Their business activity spreads over several continents, and they have loyal clients all over Europe.
Eurotex is dedicated to providing its customers with the best possible service and products.And they are always looking for new ways to improve their business and keep their customers satisfied.
Eurotex is a reliable and trusted partner in the used clothes business. You can be sure that you are getting high-quality products and services when you work with them.


If you’re looking for a reputable and reliable second hand clothes wholesale factory in Spain, look no further than the five we’ve highlighted in this post. All of these factories have been vetted and come highly recommended. So what are you waiting for? Send an inquiry today and see how they can help you meet your needs.

Top 5 Wholesale used clothes Factories In Spain

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