Top 5 wholesale used clothes suppliers in East London

Top 5 wholesale used clothes suppliers in East London

Top 5 wholesale used clothes suppliers in East London

      Used clothing is not just second-rate anymore. There has been an enormous rise in the popularity of used clothing, and more people are inclined to buy second-hand clothing from Europe for their loved ones. The following is a list of the top five wholesale used clothing suppliers in East London.



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zagumi used clothes supplier

      Zagumi is another second hand fashion supplier based in Guangzhou, China. They work with local communities and other organizations to obtain pre-owned clothing and footwear from across the globe and export them to countries in Africa and Southeast Asia. For example, you will see Zagumi clothing bale in Uganda and okrika bale in Cotonou.
Their warehouse is stocked full of different types of secondhand women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing as well as accessories. They also have a wide variety of clean second hand shoes and styles.

Their goal is to make sure every piece of merchandise meets their standards before delivering them to clients’ doors. This London second-hand clothes factory only deals with A-quality products to ensure their clients are always satisfied. Zagumi takes pride in being an environmentally friendly company as a used clothing wholesaler. 

     By working with local communities and other organizations, they have formed a stable supply chain of good quality used clothes from Chinese first-tier cities, experienced in handling unsorted second hand clothes from China.

      They offer best second hand clothes websites, and their website is user-friendly. Customers can search for the type of clothing they need and order whatever quantity they want. 

Italian Textile Recycling

Ozegna, Italy

Wholesaler, Exporter, Buyer

Used clothes, used shoes, used bags

Italian Textile Recycling

      Italian Textile Recycling is located in Ozegna, Italy, which deals with both small and large quantities of pre-owned clothing, footwear, and other sorted items.
      In their warehouse, they have an abundant supply of different types of used clothing wholesale ready to ship to retailers all around the world.Their company is dedicated to working with people who want to give back their pre-owned clothes instead of throwing them away or donating them. 
       Italian Textile Recycling takes pride in being one of the leading second hand clothing suppliers in Europe. They also have a second hand shoes website which makes it very convenient for consumers to shop from home or even on the go without leaving work early just to get what they need. Their website is easy to navigate, and they have shown clear pictures of each category of items for clients better understand what they purchase.


South Korea

Wholesaler, Exporter

Used clothes, used shoes, used bags


      KISUK TRADING CO. is a secondhand clothes supplier that operates in South Korea. You can find everything from vintage clothing to modern-day fashions from them.
      This wholesale used clothing company is attractive by its customizing service, which can provide used clothes as per the client’s requirement, style, and design. They always keep a large stock of secondhand clothing in their warehouse sorted by gender, size, and type, so it’s easy for customers to find what they need. People can even select the size of bales and containers for themselves. In addition, they provide worldwide shipping, which makes it easier for international buyers to get their hands on the latest Korean fashion trends.
      KISUK TRADING CO offers competitive prices without compromising quality.Plus, their website is very user-friendly with an easy checkout process – perfect for online shoppers!


Castalla, Spain


used clothes


      ROPA USADA EURO is the last used clothes supplier on the list. It operates in Europe, and they only work with high-quality suppliers from European countries, such as second hand clothes from Belgium and UK.
This company is unique because it doesn’t just supply secondhand clothes to retailers but also helps manage the entire process of sorting, cleaning, repairing, and packaging them. They have a team of experts who know how to get the most value out of used clothing. ROPA USADA EURO offers both small and large quantities of secondhand garments for their clients. In addition, they offer delivery services all over the world so that buyers can get their hands on the latest fashion trends easily.
Furthermore, they have a user-friendly website that makes it easy for buyers to find what can buy second hand clothes by weight they need. They also have pictures of their products so customers can see what they’re buying.

Hissen Global

Guangzhou, China


Used clothes, used shoes, used bags, used toys


      Hissen Global is a wholesale used clothing factory that sells second hand clothing in bulk from China, and other bulk textiles to retailers worldwide. They aim to keep textile waste out of landfills by buying pre-owned clothing from all over the world for resale at discounted prices. And dedicated to being eco-friendly while providing great service with their top-quality second hand clothing products.

     They own a second hand clothes factory in Guangzhou, China, and six overseas warehouses in African countries. In their used clothing factory, there are many men’s, women’s, children’s garments, and fashion accessories. They also have bags, toys, mixed rags, and other items that fit different markets’ needs. With more than eight years of experience, Hissen Global has become one of the used clothes giants in the industry with a good reputation.
     This bulk used clothing business has built an official website that allows peosecond hand shoes websiteple to purchase websites for second hand clothes within a few easy steps.


        These are the top five wholesale second hand clothes suppliers with nice quality in East London. If you’re looking for high-quality used clothes bales near me, then these wholesale second hand clothes suppliers are definitely worth checking out!

Top 5 wholesale second hand clothes suppliers in East London

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