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Source: Zagumi


The pleasure of wearing handed-down clothes from a reliable second-hand clothes wholesale supplier is immeasurable. The second-hand apparel industry is dominating the global market with $71,225.6 million, according to 2022 statistics. With a CAGR of 14.8% for the next ten years, this sector is expected to reach $282,748.6 million in 2032. These extravagant numbers can be attributed to the low-cost, high-quality characteristic among the masses. The apparel industry is taking up multiple platforms, significantly bolstering its demand.

The consumer’s vision of “apparel appeal” has changed over the centuries, resulting in various suppliers who aim to provide better attire to meet fashion standards that look and feel luxurious. Second-hand clothing has also gained popularity due to its wide range of environmental benefits. As such, new start-ups are seeking opportunities by taking up this avenue. Here are the top second-hand clothing suppliers from Europe who have set their vision in providing quality and customer value:


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Source: Zagumi

Zagumi is the most renowned wholesale supplier that exports handed-down clothes to various parts of Africa, Southeast Asia, and Mideastern countries. Zagumi has the most diversified line of fabric materials and exquisite products like used shoes, bags, and mixed rags. They have set their global standpoint by supplying over 60 countries worldwide. Their factories are over 20,000 square feet, with over 400 professional staff workers operating the supply chain, dealing with unsorted used clothes from China.

Thanks to their excellent quality, they have been running the industry for over eight years since 2015. Zagumi has a standardized production process that encourages manual sorting, with all the finished products undergoing a thorough quality inspection test. It is a self-built supplying platform partnered with government recycling partners to ensure maximum quality and safe production. Over 3000 tons of recycled fabric is produced from these colossal used clothes supply chains. Their materials are collected from first-level cities, with over six overseas warehouses established in Africa, especially experienced with okrika bale in Cotonou.

Stable Quality: Their quality is a significant attribute of top-notch raw materials and fabrics and an incredibly standardized production process. Manual customization is implemented from time to time to gain top-tier clients whose requirements and specifications are always considered. Raw material contracts are from the quality hot spots of china, where quality is given incredible importance right from the start. Their overall aim is to enable efficiency of production and delivery of quality.

Stable Supply: The stability of supply is due to their two reputed factories, with over 400 professionals contributing their expertise. Each factory is over 20,000 square feet large, producing over 3000 tons of materials and products every month, including a wide range of used fur clothes and winter clothes for children, and clean secondhand shoes. Manual sorting enables them to categorize over ten compartments of 40 feet each.

120 Available Items: With a plethora of client feedback and eight years of experience, they have finally emerged as the second-hand clothing giant with 120 items up their sleeves. They expanded their horizons and diversified their product lines to cater to many clients and generate profit. These production lines cater to children’s and adults’ summer and winter apparel and used mix shoes in different sizes.

Size and color: Sizes and packaging colors are also up to their client’s discretion, with several customization options. Sizes vary from 45 kgs to 100 kgs, which differ per the country’s exports. Packaging materials and colors are offered in the most incredible variety to exhibit the client’s brand image to cater to neuromarketing science.

Partnerships: Zagumi underwent over ten years of development before establishing partners with international brands with similar services. Quality management became synonymous with globally renowned partners like CQS bale, Bea Bale, TRI STAR, SKR, and much more spread over regions like the Philippines, Nigeria, etc.

Zagumi runs on strict quality control as its primary mantra by adhering to a number of safety protocols before and during the pandemic. They have implemented flexible operations to deliver 100% safe products during the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to operate on the International Standards Organization (ISO) standards. Zagumi remains the symbol of quality management by delivering high-end products.

Hissen Global


Source: HissenGlobal

The next on the list is the world-famous Hissen Global second-hand clothes wholesale Europe supplier. They are widely known for delivering their clients’ high-quality used clothes and peace of mind. They are widely recognized as the top-ranked clothing supplier in Europe. For the past eight years of operation in the industry, they have proved that used apparels are on par with the fashion standards with their meticulous pricing attention, styling varieties, exceptional quality, and flexible production processes.

Factories expand over 10,000 square meters, with 200 professionals and 125 flow lines employed for quality work. Their unique standardized production process has made connections with 60 countries worldwide, supported by customers who prefer secondhand clothes from Belgium, the UK, Spain, etc. Hissen Global Corporation has diversified its line with more than 100 different types to offer clients, from warm summer wear to stylish winter clothes for an affordable price.

Professional sorting team: Hissen Global Trading is the leading international solution for second-hand clothes, used bags, and shoes. Their export groups expand towards the seas of Africa, Asia, the USA, Mideastern countries, and central and southern parts of America. They operate on a unique business model where quality specifications are always met. This company has assembled highly trained professional experts and reliable sorters to tackle colossal client orders with a manual selection of luxurious fashion jackets for men. This bulky process is carried out in their warehouse, and workers also assist in custom packaging, sorting, shipping, and delivery. With affordable pricing, they provide customers with the ease of working with industry professionals.

Raw Materials: Hissen Global has set high standards for procuring quality raw materials from first-tier tier cities like Beijing, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan, and many more, which makes them sell secondhand clothing in bulk from China.

Three Factories: Their factories range broadly by establishing in Guangzhou and Chengdu, where they set a personal high score of selling 50 million dollars worth of used apparel and fabric.

Quality Control: By employing highly trained and certified quality inspectors after every batch of recycled products, they practice efficient quality control procedures to deliver maximum luxury. Their attention to detail has led to the production of used silk dresses for women and luxurious second-hand fashion jackets for men.

Six overseas warehouses: Hissen established and operated six African warehouses and generated employment for over 300 locals for livelihood.

Ten years experience: Hissen was established in 2013. Today, their used clothes for men and women display ten years’ worth of steady development in the industry, developing a wide range of used casual apparel for the demographic.

International Partnerships: Hissen Global has lent its hands not only to deliver optimal quality but also to enhance brands through a vast multitude of partnerships with international successes like CQS BEA in the Philippines, SKR in Nigeria, and TRI STAR in Tanzania.

Textiles Haddadi

used clothes factories

Source: Zagumi Clothing Bale Factory

Establishing its base in Spain, Textiles Haddadi is a global specialist in used clothing and other European fabric-based products. It has set up its headquarters in Valencia, where it sources second-hand clothes wholesale from Europe, Spain, and Holland to the countries of Africa and the USA. Textiles Haddadi also specializes in a wide array of apparel, including used sportswear and stylish hoodies.

They employed highly trained professionals where sorting and categorizing are highly important in warehousing, packaging, and stocking premium-grade fabrics. Their product sorting is elaborate yet straightforward to understand and covers aspects like selection, sale, shipping, and delivery. They start by categorizing products into different segments and re-categorizing them based on quality specifications and standards. This makes it much more efficient to export to international clients.

Their primary specialty lies in used clothes for summer and winter, which are further divided for men and women for the most affordable prices. However, their lines are also diversified to provide a wide variety of used branded footwear, textile-based toys, clothing accessories, home fabrics, and other quality products.

Les Petites Mains Du Limousin

Les Petites Du Limousin is a widely renowned high-class wholesale supplier in Europe whose popularity can be attributed to cost-efficiency and diversified lines. By keeping in touch with the local news and staying up to date with the industry scope, their primary concern lies in selling and exporting high-quality goods to a wide range of European and developing nations. Their product line is highly diversified, ranging from summer and winter clothing to attires for men, women, children, and infants, household attires, and wholesale accessories.

They are on top of the game by managing to cater to all individual and business needs in this opportunity-filled industry. Les Petites Du Limousin also specializes in shoe manufacturing, which is available in a wide range of sizes and varieties for global denizens. Package sizing is nothing to worry about, as they are ready to pack in 20-40 feet containers and ship them worldwide. Their product catalogs also provide A-grade handbags, jerseys, second-hand jeans for men and women, and other products to major cities like New Jersey.

Shadi Trading

shadi logo

Source: Shadi Trading

Shadi Trading is an expert company that specializes in collecting, categorizing, and shipping premium-grade garments, shoes, mixed industrial rags, and other fabric-based accessories to retailers in the USA and other parts of the globe. Their unique product line ranges from vintage customers to footwear, antique style wear, and woollen coats for men. They were established in 1998 and have been actively working to improve customer satisfaction and brand identity through quality industrial rags.

They have an everlasting reputation for successful business partnerships and high customer value delivery, which lands itself on this blog listing. Like other reliable clothing manufacturers in Europe, these folks also deliver high-end quality products in 20-40 feet containers. Its consumer markets include a vast range of online clients, which include the USA, Poland, Russia, Romania, Asia, Ukraine, and African nations.


And that marks the end of all the reliable and professional second-hand clothing businesses operating in Europe. The trend of second-hand clothing is climbing mountains in terms of growth. The second-hand apparel industry is likely to overtake normal fashion in the near future. This sector has surpassed environmental problems by living on the notion ‘one’s trash is someone else’s treasure.

Gone are the days when brand-new clothes prevail. Zagumi has developed its base from rock bottom and still stands as the most environmentally beneficial and quality second-hand apparel industry globally. Their dedicated service never failed to put a smile on the client’s face with every order delivery. Contact us and grab your chance to acquire some second-hand style!

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