Top 5 Second Hand Clothes Supplier in China You’ll Want to Know.

Top 5 Second Hand Clothes Supplier in China Youll Want to Know.

Top 5 Second Hand Clothes Supplier in China You’ll Want to Know.

   If you are looking to buy sorted and unsorted second hand clothing in china, one of the best places to find them is in China. There are many clothing suppliers and wholesalers in China that specialize in used clothing – but not all of them are equal. If you want your business to succeed, you must do your research first and learn about the different companies before choosing which one will work for you.

   In this article, let us talk about the top sellers of used clothing or clothing wholesale suppliers that you may have been looking for.



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zagumi used clothes supplier

   Zagumi is another second hand trading company that sells recycled clothing and provides international shipping to many of its buyers. The second hand clothes in china bales released from the Zagumi factory are made up of used clothes, but they are certainly the best in terms of quality materials and even some household items.


   Other than secondhand clothing, Zagumi also sells china clean used shoes,  and all of the other items that have been properly sorted out by the company and its people to ensure that they have good quality clothing from china is always looking for.

   Zagumi know what they are talking about and what they are doing. Because they are the top china clothes wholesalers, With the eight years of experience that Zagumi has to offer, you and your business are properly taken care of. It’s easy to find out that many okrika bales in Cotonou are also from them.

    Zagumi will make sure that you feel comfortable throughout the whole process. It is the company’s end goal to make sure that the clients and their buyers are happy. With toll-free contact and the top management always having the right knowledge in the latest news, wholesale selling in New Jersey, Africa, and any other country is easy. The New Jersey market is another great goal of this factory. Because their quality is guaranteed, many people who want to buy used clothing wholesale from Uk will also choose Zagumi.

Hissen Global


Wholesaler, Exporter, Buyer

Used clothes, used shoes, used bags


    One of the top used clothing suppliers is Hissen. Guangzhou Hissen International Trade Company is one of the tops used clothes china suppliers in the world. Providing the best second hand clothing and bulk used clothing china in many countries all over the world, Hissen Global is more than just trading the right products to the second hand clothing sellers.

   The main goal is to make sure that second hand clothes, used clothes, and second hand clothing are properly sorted, distributed, and given to those who need them. If you want to shop for quality products and provide quality products to your clients, you need to trust Guangzhou Hissen International Trade Company.

Huajing SecondHand Clothes Trading Co.


Wholesaler, Exporter

Used clothes, used shoes, used bags

Huajing SecondHand Clothes Trading Co.

    Huajing SecondHand Clothes Trading Company is another seller of clothing wholesale that knows what they are doing, ensuring every detail that their company may have. The company has been supplying for more than ten years now and has made sure that the textile waste of other luxurious brands will not go to waste. You may also appreciate that their warehouse is now able to reach a lot more with international shipping.
    As a clothing supplier, the company has supplied secondhand clothes to India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Their products range from clothes for their women customers, jeans, second hand clothes, and the like.

Shanghai Digu Trading Co.



used clothes

Shanghai Digu Trading Co.

    Shanghai Digu Trading Company is another company that sells second hand items in bulk. The quality of the products that they offer are very well such that their clients can be found in West and East Africa. The selection of clothes that can be found on their bales are sold at low prices, and yet the clothes that they put on sale are of excellent quality.
   One of the best qualities of this corporation is that they offer contact to their clients. They offer their partners to pay a visit to their factory to see their operations. They are confident that their partners will provide the right kind of clients and sell their products.
   Bulk used second hand shoes, items, and accessories are available in this seller. Shipping is also a breeze since the company already knows a thing or two about what they would need to do in order for the bales to reach their clients in good condition.

Shijiazhuang Xinhua District Zhixing Clothes Factory



Used clothes, used shoes, used bags, used toys

Shijiazhuang Xinhua District Zhixing Clothes Factory

    Shijiazhuang Xinhua District Zhixing Clothes Factory is another one of the top five suppliers of used clothing. The company has some of the best and highly trained and professional workers with years of experience in the import/export business, not just in the industry itself but in shipping.

    The Shijiazhuang Xinhua District Zhixing Clothes Factory would distribute a huge collection of used clothing. The partners that they have are based mostly in Africa, and they also sell some toys. This factory has become more than a business offline as they have also tried to reach the online market as well since they are confident about the quality that they have to offer.

Second Hand Clothes Supplier in China Conclusion

    You may think that china used clothing is one of those things that you will need not to try out. But the sorted items from these top sellers and their ability to sort out for their customers anywhere in the world. Including Africa, New Jersey, and any other country, are definitely inspirational for others who also want to join the used clothes market.China second hand clothes has a great source and is a top source of second hand clothes. If you want to have a stable source and have good sales. You can look for these top suppliers in China who will provide you with excellent service

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