Five best second hand clothes factories in Brazil

Five best second hand clothes factories in Brazil

Five best second hand clothes factories in Brazil

    If you’re looking to buy second hand clothes from a reliable source, then this list of the five best second hand clothes factory in Brazil is for you. These manufacturers have been around for a while and kept their reputation by delivering quality used clothing at competitive prices.



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zagumi used clothes supplier

    Zagumi has been in the second hand clothing industry for nearly a decade and is one of Brazil’s top bulk clothing wholesalers. In Zagumi’s used clothes company in China, you will find a long list of product categories, including kis’, women’s, men’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. For example, they have high-quality second-hand shoes for both sexes made from various materials such as leather and suede. In addition to clothes and shoes, Zagumi a Chinese wholesale clothing supplier, also has used bags available in different styles, so you can find messenger bags, backpacks, or even laptop cases in one bag bale.

    Also, this used clothes supplier has a large selection of used clothes adults and kids. In fact, you can browse through their different product categories to find exactly what you’re looking for. Additionally, they offer a containers deal for those who want large quantities.

Nouratex BVBA

Lokeren, BELGIUM

Wholesaler, Exporter, Buyer

Used clothes, used shoes, used bags

Nouratex bvba

   Nouratex BVBA is one of Brazil’s five best second hand clothing factories due to its exceptional customer service and the best used shoes website. The secondhand clothes company works with charitable and organizations, so if you’re looking for a more sustainable way of living, then this company might be right up your alley.
    The core values of this used clothing business are quality, service, and continuity, so whenever you buy used clothes from Nouratex BVBA, you can expect excellent customer service.

    One of Nouratex BVBA’s most popular used clothing categories is women’s fashion wear at wholesale prices. Not only do they have a wide selection of used clothes, but also shoes and accessories. Therefore, Nouratex BVBA can be your choice if you’re looking for a used clothing supplier in Brazil with a large selection of products.

Cash 4 Clothes Harlow

Harlow, UK

Wholesaler, Exporter

Used clothes, used shoes, used bags

Cash 4 Clothes Harlow

    Cash 4 Clothes Harlow is another popular wholesaler of branded clothes in Brazil. The company not only export but also buy used items for cash. In fact, their used clothing store offers dozens of product categories, from children’s to men’s fashion wear.
    They do this by having a knowledgeable team who can answer any questions about their products or services. For example, if you want more information on the used clothing business in Brazil, then Cash 4 Clothes Harlow has an online blog where you can find articles with helpful tips related to second hand clothes industry.
    In addition, this clothing business also offers reusable containers at competitive prices so that your items arrive safely from damage during shipping.


Guangzhou, China


used clothes


    Wilcox, known as one of the largest textile reclaimers and processors in the United Kingdom, is yet another used clothes factory in Brazil specializing in wholesaling old and unwanted clothing items such as shirts, pants, coats, etc.
   They offer second-hand clothes at wholesale prices and accept donations to help keep the planet clean. Wilcox places collection banks in several places, so if people have any used clothes that are just collecting dust at home, this is an excellent opportunity to recycle old items and as a source of Wilcox.


Lome, Togo


Used clothes, used shoes, used bags, used toys


    AEMMAEL INTERNATIONAL COMPANY is another reputable business for quality wholesale used fashion wear, including shoes at cheap rates.
   This wholesale used clothing company has a complete system of purchasing from their suppliers to selling to clients. This business has a wide variety of second hand shoes, used bags, and other clothing items for purchase at competitive rates so you can save money on your next order.
   This wholesale used clothing company in Brazil saves costs by having an online store where they sell directly to the customer instead of going through an intermediary or reseller who then prices it higher than wholesale price.


    If you need more information about the used clothing wholesaler, visit their websites.

Five best used clothes factories in Brazil

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