Top 5 wholesale second hand clothes factories in Sweden

Top 5 wholesale second hand clothes factories in Sweden

Top 5 wholesale second hand clothes factories in Sweden

Did you know that Sweden is a top producer of high-quality second hand clothes? This article is about the top 5 wholesale second hand clothes supplier in Sweden. With a wealth of top-rated factories producing high-quality used clothes, Sweden is a prime sourcing destination for businesses of all sizes. Here are the five best factories to consider when searching for quality used clothing.



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used clothes,used shoes,used bags and mixed rags.

zagumi used clothes supplier

Zagumi is the right name for finding the number one used clothing wholesalers of second-hand clothing. They have been around for over ten years.
And their factory covers an area of almost 10,000 square meters with 125 flow lines to process all these clothes!
With 200 staff members working there, you know they’re going above anything else out there. Because no one else can offer what this team does.
Worldwide shipping from 60+ countries worldwide monthly through their custom tailor service or direct sale on site while maintaining the highest quality standards every step along the way.

Hissen Globa

Guangzhou, China

Wholesaler, Exporter, Buyer

Used clothes, used shoes, used bags


Hissen Global is the perfect place for those who want to buy secondhand clothes. They offer more than 100 kinds of items, including shoes second hand and bags, to satisfy any need you may have!
They provide A-grade quality goods and fashion styles that make your warehouse has something new in every period.
Hissen Global sources 2nd hand clothes from the whole of China to ensure they offer a wide range of styles for any taste.
With two factories and a 20 thousand square meters total area, 400 people work tirelessly at these sorting stations, so your inventory will be as fine as you want when you choose them!

A.M.K. Ouardani Recuperaciones Textiles


Wholesaler, Exporter

Used clothes, used shoes, used bags


With their wide variety of secondhand goods, it is no wonder that the people at AMK Ouardani Textile Recoveries are always GettingNewAgain. They specialize in selling all types of used clothing from large exports to countries throughout Africa and Asia where newcomers can get a great deal on quality footwear!
Their company has a manual sorting system in which workers sort according to quality. Rejecting items that are not wanted for any reason, the employees manually separate goods by client type – man or woman; children than 12 years old.”
They can be bought at low prices due to them being less developed than Western Europe, but there are still some high-quality products available for cheap.

JSC “Doseka”



used clothes


DOSEKA has developed a creative model for smart business.Second-hand clothing and footwear businesses are undergoing major changes around the world. Today’s forward-thinking companies demand solutions.
The principle of recycling, sorting by type or color, and environmentally friendly production methods are fully integrated into their business model. So they can continue to grow without sacrificing quality customer service!
They understand how crucial those two factors were in determining your success story: firstly, because only those who practice good eco practices will ever succeed; secondly, if there isn’t faith, then anything seems impossible.

Aukuras Credence



Used clothes, used shoes, used bags, used toys

Aukuras Credence 1

Businesses today have a major responsibility to the environment and its resources. The second-hand clothing market must change in order for these businesses to reach their social obligations while also remaining competitive on an international scale.
Still, many are resistant due primarily because they do not know how or where else this type of thing can be done efficiently – until now!
Aukuras Credence is an established business providing high-quality clothing services for over 10 years. They are now expanding their reach and seeking new customers from Ireland.


Looking for a reliable and quality used clothing wholesaler factory in Sweden, look no further than the top five picks. You can be sure your order will meet the high standards you expect. Send them an inquiry today to get started! They will be able to provide you with a wide variety of fashionable clothing options that will appeal to your customers.

Top 5 wholesale used clothes factories in Sweden

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