The Best 5 Used Clothes Suppliers in Senegal

The Best 5 Used Clothes Suppliers in Senegal

The Best 5 Used Clothes Suppliers in Senegal

    If you’re in the used clothes trade and looking for wholesale used clothing suppliers in Senegal, you may be interested in this post. We’ve compiled a list of the five best used clothes suppliers in Senegal and discuss their characteristics.



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zagumi used clothes supplier

    Zagumi, a used clothing suppliers in Senegal, has a used clothing factory located in Guangzhou, China. It started with 15 employees and now employs around 400 people. Zagumi specializes in export wholesale used clothing. This wholesale clothing company aims to provide used clothes at the lowest prices possible. In Zagumi, the secondhand clothing company workers have to wear uniforms when working on site. They have developed strong relationships over time with customers from around the world.

    This has helped them rise as one of the used clothes suppliers in Senegal because every customer receives good service after an initial transaction is made with them. To know more about their used clothes pricing list for Senegal as well as other destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe, etc., visit Zagumi’s official website or contact them directly.


Varna, Bulgaria

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    EXTRATEX BULGARIA LTD wholesale used clothing supplier in Senegal is a global used clothes exporter with two used clothing warehouses. This bulk used clothing company was established by local entrepreneurs who wanted to contribute to Africa’s economic development via the secondhand used clothing trade. EXTRATEX BULGARIA LTD used clothes supplier in Senegal, is known for its competitive prices and good quality second hand clothes products.

    As an experienced used clothes exporter, the company’s employees are dedicated to offering exceptional customer service with each transaction made by their customers worldwide, especially in African countries.


Temse, Belgium

Wholesaler, Exporter

Used clothes, used shoes, used bags

Mona tex BVBA

    The next used clothes supplier in Senegal is MONATEX BVBA. This used clothing wholesale has recorded exponential growth since its establishment, and now exports used clothes across the world thanks to their hardworking employees. The company’s used clothing prices are affordable for all types of buyers, whether they’re individuals or organizations that sell second hand clothes. The categories of used clothes available at MONATEX BVBA include not only used jeans, used polo shirts, and jackets but also used shoes, accessories, toys for kids, and other sorted items.


Lokeren, Belgium


used clothes

Nouratex bvba

    The fourth used clothes wholesale company in our list of the best five wholesale used clothing suppliers in Senegal is NOURATEX. The company has a used clothing warehouse which is located in Lokeren, Belgium. It ships used clothing worldwide, with each container carrying around 100 larges bales of used clothing wholesale products. NOURATEX also offers its customers the option to mix different categories of used clothes such as used jeans and used jackets or combined used shoes and other items like bags, scarves, etc., to give them more choices when it comes to buying bulk imported wholesale secondhand clothes from their website.because they talk second hand clothes sale online.

Shadi Trading



Used clothes, used shoes, used bags, used toys

Shadi Trading

    The last clothing wholesale supplier we need to mention is Shadi Trading. This company was established by European entrepreneurs who wanted to sell second hand clothes online south africa continent through their wholesale used clothing business. The goods exported from Europe are 100% guaranteed good quality, with each item having been thoroughly checked before shipping out to buyers worldwide. In addition, they offer their secondhand clothing at the most affordable prices on the market today and also provide customers with their orders’ shipping status.


    The suppliers wholesale clothing companies mentioned above are some of the best providers. You can find if you want quality bulk used clothes from Senegal or throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, etc. Prices. As well as other details about these used clothing wholesalers’ services, may vary. So you must contact them directly through their websites or email addresses.

The Best 5 second hand Clothes Suppliers in Senegal

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