Top 5 Wholesale Second Hand Clothes Factories In Portugal

Top 5 Wholesale Second Hand Clothes Factories In Portugal

Top 5 Wholesale Second Hand Clothes Factories In Portugal

When it comes to sourcing high-quality wholesale second hand clothes from a factory in Portugal, there are few better options than the ones listed here. These factories have a proven track record of supplying top-notch clothing at competitive prices, so you can be sure you’re getting great value for your money. So whatever type of used clothing you’re looking for, consider these top five factories in Portugal.



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zagumi used clothes supplier

Zagumi is famous for its solid reputation in the used clothing industry. Last year, their turnover reached 50 million dollars. Second hand clothing business is not a new concept, but Zagumi has managed to set itself apart from the competition.
In a world where fast commercial reigns supreme, Zagumi offers an affordable and sustainable alternative. Their prices are unbeatable, and their selection is impressive.
Zagumi has done an excellent job due to making sure their sorting process for A grades used clothes.
Zagumi is poised to become the go-to destination for used clothes. Thanks to its reputation for quality and affordability, Zagumi is sure to have a bright future.
If you’re looking for a used clothing supplier that is trusted to deliver quality goods, Zagumi is perfect. Contact them today to learn more about their services.



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Used clothes, used shoes, used bags


Ropausadaeuro is a used clothing company that adapts its products to the requests of its clients. The company has various used clothing grades.
Ropausadaeuro mainly grades tropical used clothing to feed the needs of your clientele and local climate. They have an extensive variety of fashionable articles for women and young individuals.
The clothes offered by Ropausadaeuro come mostly from Spain. They offer an excellent quality of constant form throughout the year, with availability for both summer and winter wear at any given time in-between seasons.
Their goal is to provide affordable used clothing options that are stylish and meet the needs of their customers. With their adaptability and stylish used clothes, Ropausadaeuro is a good option.



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Used clothes, used shoes, used bags


The F.H.U Mercury company from Poland is an international company that specializes in selling used women clothing. They have been looking to establish themselves as serious clients with regular purchases of used garments in the marketplace.
F.H U MERKURY offers a wide range of used clothes, including shirts, pants, dresses, etc. Sorting used clothes into 50 different categories, with the option of packing 45kg or 55kg per item!
The company also sends the list and prices negotiable depending on what you need; just let them know at time if there are any other requirements/conDITIONS attached too.
The F.H.U Mercury company is committed to providing its customers with the best possible products and services.




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COAM PHIL., INC. focuses on uk second hand clothes or Japan to Eastern & South Asia. Their used clothes are sorted, baled, and shipped in 40-foot containers. There could be up to 27,000 pounds of used clothes in a container.
The used clothes are first sent to their receiving center in Canada before being distributed to different parts of the world. Their company employs around 30 people and is based in the Philippines.
COAM is focused on helping developing countries have access to affordable clothing and reducing pollution from textile waste.
They provide quantity products at promised services according to what they need. This ensures long-term relationships between themselves as well as customers.

SHC Textiles Ltd.



Used clothes, used shoes, used bags, used toys

SHC Textiles Ltd.

SHC Textiles has been operating for over 15 years, specializing exclusively in wholesale second hand clothes. They have grown from their humble beginnings in South Wales !
This company boasts an experienced staff who are committed to provide high quality service and recycl responsibly.
The SHC Textiles receives a generous percentage of its income from the used clothing business. As a result, direct revenue by commercial experience, understanding of market trends, and running an efficient lean organization.
SHC Textiles doesn’t waste money on unnecessary things like consultants or advertising campaigns. So you can feel good about the business with them, it will make a difference both environmentally and financially.


If you are looking for a reliable and affordable source of wholesale second hand clothes, look no further than the factories in Portugal. With years of experience supplying retailers worldwide with high-quality used clothing, these factories can provide you with everything you need to stock your store shelves. Contact one of our representatives today to learn more about how we can help you get started in the lucrative secondhand clothing market.

Top 5 Wholesale used clothes Factories In Portugal

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