Five best second hand clothes factories in the Central African Republic

Five best second hand clothes factories in the Central African Republic

Five best second hand clothes factories in the Central African Republic

    Many people in the world buy secondhand clothes because they are looking for a cheap and affordable way to dress. But, many of these used clothing buyers do not know where their clothes come from. This article will talk about the five best sell used clothes online factories in the Central African Republic that the retailers maybe buy a batch of clothing.



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zagumi used clothes supplier

    Zagumi is a used clothing wholesaler that exports the used clothing to the Central African Republic. Zagumi has been around since 2013, and they have their second hand clothes factory in Guangzhou, China. They offer all kinds of used clothing, from jeans to formal wear.Zagumi wholesale used clothing is popular because they are affordable and offer discounts in containers deal. They supply different packages sizes to different regions in the world.

     For example, they provide 80-100kg large bales for clients from East Africa and Middle East Asia, 40-50kg small bales for Eastern African, and 45kg small bales for American and Southeast Asian, etc. These size ranges are set according to the market demand and customs clearance requirements in each region.


Ontario, Canada

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Prisun Enterprises Limited

       PRISUN ENTERPRISES LIMITED is a wholesaler of branded clothes that was founded in 2004 by a young entrepreneur. They offer second hand clothes, shoes, and other items that are sourced from the USA and Canada. PRISUN ENTERPRISES LIMITED has its own shipping container logistics system, which allows them to ship the goods directly to the Central African Republic and other countries globally, which largely reduces transportation time costs.

    The quality of products in PRISUN ENTERPRISES LIMITED is high because they have a professional QC team who make sure everything is sold in good condition. There are three different grades for each product: First Grade (A), Second Grade(B), and Third grade(C). The company earned a reputation among clients for grading accurately according to international standards when it comes to damaged products. Their goal is to be an exporter on time with good quality.

Manji Trading Inc

North York, Canada

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Used clothes, used shoes, used bags


    Manji Trading Inc was started as a small exporter, and now they are one of the biggest children’s clothing wholesale suppliers to Africa, Asia, South America, etc. Manji Trading Inc wants its clients always to receive what they order on time with no damages or quality issues.

     The company cooperates with 15 warehouse suppliers, who source the used clothing from Canada. So they have plenty of choices when it comes to used clothing and other sorted items that are in good condition at a low price for clients who need used clothing for sale wholesale. Besides, their used clothing factory is allowed to sort over 30,000 lbs of used items monthly, which means they can provide a large variety and quantity of items for the clients.

    Manji Trading Inc is very professional because every order has its responsible QC team to check all products before shipment, ensuring good quality and accuracy with orders.

Garson & Shaw

 Atlanta, the US


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Garson Shaw 1

    Garson & Shaw is another used clothing bales for sale supplier, which also provides wholesale used clothing, shoes, accessories to the Central African Republic. Their clients are delighted with the quality of products because Garson & Shaw has a professional team that carefully checks every product before they ship out.

     The mission is to build a green world by recycling textiles. They supply second hand clothes at very low prices compared to market prices, making them one of the best suppliers for people who want to buy wholesale used products without paying too much money.


Sigulda, Latvia


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   RDA LTD is one of the best bulk used clothing companies, that has made a mark in the industry.The used clothing factory has its warehouse where they store around 30 tonnes of used products monthly, which means RDA can provide different kinds and large quantities of items for clients without worries about quality or variety issues. Their main goal is customer satisfaction so that every order will be prepared carefully and shipped out as soon as possible.
Besides, RDA LTD has its own wholesale clothing suppliers responsible for collecting second hand products from different countries around the world. Resulting in a good quality product that is also affordable to people in developing countries.


    If you need to know more about the second hand clothing for sale industry. You can contact us through the inquiry,Browse the best used shoe website or you can read the blog post to learn more.

Five best used clothes factories in the Central African Republic

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