The Best Second-Hand Clothes Factory in Ecuador

The Best Second Hand Clothes Factory in Ecuador

The Best Second-Hand Clothes Factory in Ecuador

    In a country where secondhand clothes are in high demand, it’s essential to find the best clothing wholesale suppliersr. The following five companies are the best wholesaler and distributers of second-hand clothes all over Ecuador. These companies have been in business for many years and have built reputations as the most reliable used clothing suppliers in their region.



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zagumi used clothes supplier

    Zagumi is one of the best wholesale clothing suppliers in Ecuador. Founded by a Chinese, this company brings secondhand clothing to third-world countries like Ecuador and other countries. Zagumi has six warehouses located across China and African countries, with all orders being shipped from Guangzhou, China. Their main warehouse is right in Guangzhou city, where they receive shipments weekly for distribution worldwide. They specialize in wholesale cheapest second hand clothes online: used kids’ clothing, men’s suits, women’s dresses, shoes, and mixed rags are also some of their top products that are extremely popular among distributors worldwide.

   This used clothing business is known for its competitive prices and excellent quality of used clothing, making them the top bulk used clothing supplier in Ecuador. Every working day, over 400 staff working at a 20,000 square meters used clothing factory where they can process over 100 tons of used clothing in one day.

WorldWise USA


Wholesaler, Exporter, Buyer

Used clothes, used shoes, used bags

WorldWise USA

    WorldWise USA is an international used clothing wholesale company specializing in selling used goods to markets like Africa and South America and other countries all over the world. The company has over thirty years of experience in exporting used goods.

   WorldWise USA is one of the largest suppliers and distributors of used clothes like shoes, jeans, and dresses.They supply used goods to over 75 nations worldwide while purchasing these goods and many others simultaneously.

   This second hand clothing supplier provides their clients with a total turnkey solution that includes everything from purchasing used goods, sorting them by categories, to shipping the items. They offer their clients a wide variety of products and different styles. WorldWise USA also works closely with their customers throughout Ecuador .


Temse, Belgium

Wholesaler, Exporter

Used clothes, used shoes, used bags

Pezzamificio G B

    Pezzamificio G & B is a company that specializes in sorting and selling second-hand clothing. They export used clothes with materials like cotton, wool, or denim at low prices to sell abroad. They have up to 15,000 items available at any time with no problems meeting container order needs that distributors may have.All their products are manufactured from new fabrics sourced from local textile mills, making them last longer than other items on the market today, increasing customer satisfaction immensely.

Jiangyin Tongyuan Textile Technology Co., Ltd.

 Jiangyin, China


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Jiangyin Tongyuan Textile Technology Co. Ltd.

   Jiangyin Tongyuan Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholesale used clothing company located in China specializing in selling second-hand items. Their main goal is to meet the needs of their distributors by offering good quality products at low prices with fast shipping. They sell products like shoes, T-shirts, coats and many others. This second hand clothes wholesaler owns a sorting center with over 150 well-trained employees who constantly sort and prepare used clothes for distribution purposes. Jiangyin Tongyuan Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the top used clothing factories in Ecuador .

   They offer great customer service as well by always being open to new ideas or suggestions from distributors who want to do business with them.




Used clothes, used shoes, used bags, used toys


   Eurotex is one of Ecuador’s largest used clothing companies, with over 17 years of experience specializing in selling second-hand items. They have a great variety to choose from, including shoes, bags, jackets, accessoriessecond hand dresses UK and many other types of products for both men and women.

    Eurotex is able to provide their clients with the best second hand clothes because they are well known for providing high-quality products that meet or exceed expectations. They also have an excellent customer service team ready to answer questions in multiple languages about placing orders, international shipping, etc.


   The above five bale clothing suppliers can be used by anyone looking to buy second-hand clothes commercially. Whether you are starting your own business or already have one. One of these companies can help give it a boost of success with its excellent products and services that will meet all your needs for used clothing wholesalers in Ecuador.

The Best used Clothes Factory in Ecuador

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