Top 6 Used Clothing Exporters in the UK

When it comes to the used clothing export business in the United Kingdom, there are some popular companies that stand out in the international market. These companies are known for their quality, sustainability, and excellent products and services, providing a substantial amount of used clothing to the global market. In this article, we will introduce six top British used clothing exporters to help you better understand some of the key players in this industry.


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Zagumi (Highly Recommended) 

  • Established: Zagumi was founded in 2012
  • Location: Zagumi’s used clothing can be exported worldwide. 
  • Product Strengths: Zagumi provides large quantities of high-quality used clothing for international businesses and retailers. 
  • Their commitment to quality, affordability, and sustainability makes them an ideal wholesale partner for second-hand clothing importers. 
  • Bale Weight: Bale weight and size can be customized, typically around 45kg (customizable from 38kg to 100kg).
  • Zagumi has consistently been one of the best used clothing exporters, dedicated to providing high-quality second-hand clothing and exporting second-hand clothes to over 60 countries. Zagumi has established a reliable supply chain, logistics network, and overseas customer service center for second-hand clothing. Zagumi has become a leading global factory for second-hand clothes, helping companies, traders, and factories import high-quality, popular second-hand goods. Zagumi is your top choice for importing used clothing bales and products.z z




Hissen Global 

  • Established: Hissen Global was founded in 1971. 
  • Location: Hissen Global is headquartered in Guangdong, China. 
  • Product Strengths: A leading used clothing wholesaler, offering a diverse range of second-hand clothing choices for international buyers. Their product inventory is extensive and suitable for various markets. 
  • Bale Weight: 38kg, 50kg, 75kg, 100kg
  • Hissen Global used clothing exporter follows strict quality control systems and performs 5 quality checks before delivery to ensure product quality and consistency. Renowned for providing high-quality used clothing, they collaborate with international partners, creating international market opportunities for British used clothing.






  • Established: LMPT SNC was founded in 2015. 
  • Location: The company is headquartered in Oxford, United Kingdom. 
  • Product Strengths: LMPT SNC is known for its unique used fashion products, including clothing, accessories, and footwear. 
  • LMPT SNC is a used clothing retailer that offers high-quality second-hand clothing and is committed to providing sustainable fashion choices. They actively promote the sustainable development of second-hand clothing by recycling and reusing old garments, reducing environmental impact.





British Used Clothing

  • Established: British was founded in 2020. 
  • Location: British is based in Oxford. 
  • Product Strengths: British offers a variety of high-quality second-hand clothing through its second-hand clothing stores and online marketplace. 
  • British has a wide network of used clothing stores domestically, intending to reduce waste and enhance sustainability. Second-hand clothing retailers can find fashionable garments, accessories, and more, making them popular among international buyers.




globale trading

Global Trading UK 

  • Established: Globale Trading was founded in 2011. 
  • Location: Globale Trading is headquartered in Manchester, London. 
  • Product Strengths: They have established partnerships with many other countries to export British second-hand clothing to various nations. 
  • Global Trading is a charity organization specializing in second-hand clothing exports, with a goal to reduce waste, support global sustainability projects, and provide high-quality used clothing.




IEX logo


  • Established: Indetexx was founded in 2006. 
  • Location: The company is headquartered in  Guangdong, China. 
  • Product Strengths: Indetexx offers a large quantity of used clothing goods to international buyers. Their inventory includes various clothing styles suitable for different market demands. 
  • Bale Weight: 25kg, 45kg, 60kg, 90kg 
  • Indetexx is a leading British used clothing wholesaler, providing a diverse range of used clothing choices for international buyers. Their product inventory is extensive and suitable for various markets.




Used Light Knitted Wear

Why Zagumi Comes Highly Recommended

1. Exceptional Quality 

Zagumi is Professional used clothing exporters committed to providing high-quality used clothing. Each piece of clothing undergoes meticulous quality inspections to ensure there are no flaws or damages. Our dedication to maintaining high-quality standards means that every second hand clothing meets the mark. Additionally, before finalizing an order, will prepare an individual used clothing bales for customers to inspect personally, ensuring the products align with their expectations.


2. Competitive Pricing 

Zagumi employ a market-oriented pricing strategy, taking into account the dynamics of the used clothing market and product quality to maintain reasonable pricing. Zagumi regularly offer enticing discount promotions. Furthermore, when importing second-hand clothing from Zagumi, you may receive extra bales of second hand clothes or shoes.



3. Professional Customer Service 

With over 11 years of experience in exporting used clothing, Zagumi has gained profound insights into the market. Zagumi are committed to providing outstanding customer service, deeply understanding the market dynamics and the purchasing requirements for clothing bales to ensure we meet our customers’ needs.


4. Personalized Solutions 

Zagumi’s professional design team customizes unique logos for the used clothing bales, injecting them with distinctive brand identities. We offer customized weight services for each bales, ranging from 38 kilograms to 100 kilograms, to optimize container space utilization to the fullest.

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